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C6-7 mibi-c disk replacement

Hello All,
Looking for some feedback from others who have have have cervicle surgery and are experiencing residual numbness. Had surgery( c-6-7 disk replacement) about 3 weeks ago and am still experiencing numbness in arms and even some in Rt leg which I never had before the surgery. Felt great post surgery for about a week them got numbness back and it expanded to other arm and as I mentioned my leg which I think
is weird. Spoke with doc about it all on two week checkup and he said to give it time that there was inflammation that could be causing it and gave me more steroids. After a second round of anti-inflammatory drugs the numbness is returning. Frustrating and scary. Just don't understand why numbness is there. If the disk is gone and nothing in on the nerve why there numbness sometimes and sometimes there is little to none. Did I mention it's soooo  frustrating. 
 Anyone out there have a similar experience with a positive outcome in the future weeks. I know recovery if different for all but  could use some posttive news from some others who were in similar condition and had a postitve outcome fingers crossed.


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    hello robin4242 !
    while you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, search may be helpful to you, upper right on page.
    also, main site has all the formal medical articles and videos for you to reader he on.

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