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need advice

hi for several months i have had grinding and pain in my neck radiating to my shoulder left side with numbness and pins and needles after several weeks i had to go doctors as it got worse and he sent me for an MRI scan that week i waited 2weeks for results and it says 
left asymmetric disc bulge c4-c5 with uncovertebral hypertrophy and narrowing of the foramina 
and he referred me to  Neuro surgeon 4 weeks ago i was given an appointment for the 15/3/17 i have had to go back to doctors as pain was so bad i was luck to get 30min sleep he gave me 100mg Gabapentin and said he would write to hospital to get appointment sooner i still have had no reply and im worried about my neck should i be 


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    hello teggann!
    gentle reminder...there are no medical professionals on discussion forums.
      we members are not qualified or allowed to give out medical advice...or to make any comments about your mri results......
    meaning, no one here can tell you the seriousness of your issues and whether or not you should worry.

    it does seem your doctor is concerned since he made referral for you.
    i may have missed it, but not sure when was last time you had communication with your doctor.
    only you can decide how you are feeling and need to communicate with doctor again.
    it is not easy while suffering pain and feeling so vulnerable, to continue to advocate for yourself, but you must.
    you know your pain. and i would think doctor would want to know how you are doing.

    while you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, using search may benefit you, upper right on page.
    typing in any of your concerns may lead you to current or older discussions.
    the main site has all the formal medical articles and videos to help you as you continue to research.

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