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Going insane need help please

I'll try to make it short as possible but I was injured on my job 6 months ago. I was sent to the occupational Doctor he treated me for a muscle injury for about a month put me out out of work I'm a truck driver/loader where I would load 12000 to 45000 pounds of furniture a day until the injury. Anyways after  month he sent me for an mri the report came back with moderate foraminal narrowing on the left and mild narrowing on the right now herniations was listed in it. Almost all of my pain was at the base of my neck in between shoulders blades to the right side and right arm with headaches on my right side sometimes my pinky and ring finger draw up sometimes just my pinky seems to do it more at night when i sleep or if im trying to so something at shoulder height or higher at times there was and still soreness on the left with occasional shooting pain that goes down to about my elbow. I was sent to a spine specialist and he said nothing there he could help so sent me to pain management and pt. I never started pt because they was going to try injections first to see if it would relieve anything. It did not I had the worst headache in my life for 3 days. They've continued giving me pain medication but my symptoms have worsened now I am experience pain in both buttocks hips and hamstrings feels like an awful muscle ache also there have been several incidents of a leaky bladder. I went to my primary physician where he said he thought there was some nerve issues going on we went over my mri and he said I'm no radiologist but looks like there is a couple herniated disc so I had a radiologist go over it with me and he said there were herniations at c4c5 and c5c6. Three days ago the pain got so bad I had to go the er they didn't do any new scans but did say it was cirvacal radiculopathy. I was referred back to the specialist and seen him again today praying for an answer and a fix. I told him everything that I had learned showed him the images of the herniations and he said they was both on the left side that it's not causing this pain on my right side and he doesn't think surgery is an option for me. I made the comment I just want it fixed and for some reason that was put in my notes like I had done something awful. He did recommend for me to see another spine specialist and a neurologist but made the comment that he don't think there is anything there they could do to help me. He also made the comment is workers comp still paying for your visits in very sarcastic tone. I was 39 years old when this happened just turned 40 and I'm starting to feel like my life is over and no hope for me. Heages me feel like I'm a fake or something and there is no reason 90 percent of my pain is on the right side except in my legs where most is on the left. I really don't know what else to do workers comp has agreed for me to see another specialist but I'm scared what if they say the same thing? I did hire a lawyer after my doctor told me about the herniations but they seem to be more on the specialist side. They told me the mri report wasn't that bad and act like there's not much they can do  to help me. Besides the constant pain I have family to take care of and I cant get milk out of the fridge without it causing pain. What am I to do really am beginning to feel hopeless.


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    hello tortured1 !
    it seems good you were referred to pain managemnt...although you had painful response to one of the treatments.
    hopefully, pm doctor was interested as you told him of your experience after such treatment.

    pm doctor has helped me so much!
    some of my thoracic epidurals were uncomfortable to me, then he knew that to be ineffective and he tried something else.
    and my pm doctor viewed the mri cd himself, not relying on written impressions and he did see some things not noted on written impressions that was helpful in treating me.

    i am also on pain medication which has taken the edge off my pain and has kept me out of the er.
    you said it hurts to lift gallon of milk. that difficult for me also.
    curious if doctor gave you any limitations or restrictions...?

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