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Back Stimulator almost costed me my life

So on my previous post I stated everything going on well after I posted that maybe a week later I was once again in the OR for emergency surgery to remove my SCS. It was the worst experience of my life getting it taken out and it should of been easier then putting it. When my surgeon went to take it out it was the hardest one he has ever had to taken out(he has been putting them in and taking out for over 15 years). The staph infection caused horrible scar tissue and went all the way to the paddle causing it nearly impossible to get out without taking more bone out. Not to mention when he took it out I got a spinal cord contusion affecting the left side of my body and bladder. This should of been a same day surgery and turned into 4 nights and having a piccline placed for iv antibiotics and a catheter in which I still have in and have to have for another 2 weeks. I'm pretty much relearning how to walk on my left side since the feeling is mostly gone but it is getting better. My surgeon said if I were to keep it in any longer he was pretty sure I would of went septic. I am now 3 weeks tomorrow post op and have had horrible luck, my right knee hurts which is why I got the stimulator, my middle incision is still not healing and the pain is horrible since they had to do so much extra work to get it out. I will have the piccline in until the 20th if my white blood cell count goes down since it's still through the roof. The only good thing is that in 6months to a year I will go for another trial and if it works I will have it implanted again but I have strict guidelines to do it again. No fevers, chills, no being sick, no high white blood cell count, blood work every week to watch over and there is still a chance he won't be able to get the leads(for the trial) through my scar tissue and if he can't I will not have it implanted. I see my surgeon tomorrow and he is going to talk to me about this new system that is about 10 years old and we will discuss my options. I know a lot of people will call me crazy but this is the one thing that helped and I refuse to be hooked on pain medication all my life. So after 2 elective surgeries and 4 emergency surgeries I'm on my way to recovering and hoping in 6 months I can try again!


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 735
    Sorry for your SCS removal and the probs. What SCS was it? I can surely understand you missing it already. They really help with the pain. While not a cure, they can be a powerful tool against pain. I am almost 4 months post op on my Algovita install. Just straight leads. Nothing complicated. It has been a life changer for me. I am able to be more active now than before the SCS install. GLTU
  • It was a Boston SCS and they chose to do a paddle for me because I am so young and active and SCS are amazing and helped but unfortunately I'm staph prone and right now they are keeping a close eye on me with 2 appointments with my surgeon a week and the other days I go to his office and have the bandages changed. He has talked about a new SCS called Nevro HF10 and it's about 10 years old and just got FDA approved in 2015. Unfortunately no one in GA does these and I refuse to see anymore doctors so my surgeon and PM doctor have agreed to learn how to by July, that's how long I have to wait and have to make sure I do not have anymore infection 
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