Drop foot - partial recovery - further tips?

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So after over six months suffering from a l5/4 prolapse that then became a full herniation and agony most of the time I finally got operated on with a discectomy at the point of cauda equina. Problem is 13 days before the op drop foot started.

The op did a good job of stopping the pain and seemingly then decompressed. However the recovery from drop foot since the op of 26 April 2016 has been limited and slooow! 

To begin with the whole shin area and foot were numb. Very little movement or and control.

Now - 11 months later I have better control no numbness but still limited range of lift. I held in the air I can hold the naked foot at about 80 degrees.

From pointed down I can lift the toes to about 70 degrees.

At one point the deputy head of neorology said the root nerve was dead and there was nothing further they could do. Only because I had done my own reading on the net I turned and demanded can EMG (nerve conduction test).

I returned to have this done and in contradiction to what I had been told there was in fact still (or new) nerve transmission which was deemed to be originating from the L5 root.

With that knowledge I then realised that I should now take the AFO brace of in controlled environment because if the area had nerve transmission of any sort then it makes sense to start trying to strengthen the tibialis anterior and other local muscles.

Within days of doing this my foot really ached lol because it had been dormant for so long.

Physiotherapy I have found basically useless. Has anyone got any other positive experience to any level with this or can add anything? 



  • MrIMMrI United KingdomPosts: 46
    I don't have any nerve pain whatsoever.  Thank you though
  • I am 9 1/2 weeks post L4L5 plif and still have substantial weakness in my left calf, ankle and foot. I read an article hete that it can take up to a year to regain strength. It alsp said after the 1 yr mark though there is normally no further improvement. 

    My PT is working with me on core, quad, thigh and strengreening exercises.  He is also trying to get my back and hip muscles to release as that seems to be part of the problem.

    I hope you find answers and continue to improve!
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