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Pain in my back, neck, shoulders, and middle of my spine.

Good Morning/ day. Im a 25 year old male. I played lots of basketball and some football growing up. Never had any injuries or things like that. Im a very paranoid person, I constantly think a lot and sometimes worry too much. About my 3 daughters, my future, my family, bills, etc.. I been in pain for about 3 years, its recently gotten a bit more painful. My shoulders, my neck, and the middle of my spine. I have no insurance so I pay cash for everything. I saw a chiropractor one time and never went back. I constantly think I have bone cancer or that im dying. I take ibuprofen 800 MG, and Tizadine surgery a bad thing? Am I too young to have anything major wrong with me? I don't smoke and drink maybe 8 times a year.


  • Hello, Bcorver. I tend to worry a lot, too, and carry tension around the shoulders. Tight muscles can pull on our spine and pull it out of alignment.  I was recently diagnosed with a protrusion in my neck and I feel that tight muscles ended up doing that. I have neck pain and pain down my right arm. I really think you may benefit from seeing a chiropractor again. But, find a Vitalistic Chiropractor. They have a mind and body approach to rebalancing the body and they don't crack you. I was told my ribs, hips, shoulders and head are out of alignment and will see him for about a dozen visits to bring back balance. I'm 46 and have had anxiety most of my life and this is the result: a skeletal frame out of whack. My chiropractor wants his patients to be able to go with the flow in life and have peace.  I wish you the best
  • Stress can magnify pain quite a bit, it does with me. I'm close to retirement and or may go on disability.
    Diagnosis: Thoracic facet syndrome & cervical and thoracic radiculopathy from car accident trauma.
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