Duration (days?) of relief?

hi all, still getting ready for T10-L3 fusion on April 14th. I am curious: how long do your facet injections/medial branch blocks work? Mine begin 7-10 days after injections and lay a week or two of Very good relief for much of the day. Is this normal?  Do your injections last a similar amount of time? Also, and this is probably a tougher question, can I expect the same type of relief from the fusion as I get from injections?  I can't live with this pain and just thinking that the pain won't be significantly better from the fusion terrifies me! Please reply. Thanks!


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    Hello and Welcome to Veritas Health Forum!
    My injections lasted around e days at the least to around a week..
    Thanks to my amazing metabolism for anything pain relieving.
    I have a buddy whose lasted quite a bit longer than mine,

  • Thanks WIlliam!  Sorry, I thought I already replied to this, oops!  I am still having "help" from my injections, but I feel like they help less each day.  I take my extended pain pill in morning (I wake up in horrible pain), the pain starts coming back at 10:30, I take my instant pill at 11:30, and pain starts coming back around 3:30 or so.  I am like a human watch as I can tell the time based on my pain.  
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  • I just happen to metabolize very quickly, some seem to get more periods of relief.
    Its more of a learned system of what and when to take the meds
    Sometimes before at first twinge..which left me ughhh
    Or at alotted times

    You'll get your system down
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