A year of rapid decline, hope, and fear

Hello all, many of you have probably read some of my posts (I actually have long one I need to add to the new member forum).  I am having a fusion from T10-L3 with microdisectomy at L3 as well as interbody fusion at L3.  I have had spinal tumors removed through two previous surgeries, but I have developed chronic pain over the last few years.  My last surgery involved multiple laminectomies, and now I have facet joint disease/arthritis, DDS, and  small tumors that are still there.  In addition, I have the herniated disc, but I think that is at the bottom of the issues (although it will be addressed). Over the last year I have had countless injections, an ablation, and more imaging scans than I can count.  
My question: while I have had back pain for years (since last surgery in 2008), the pain has become UNREAL over the last couple of years...I can barely move when I wake up, I am sweating because of the pain at the end of the work day, the time in-between  my very strict personal pain medicine routine is eternal.... I have started to have to take more pills more frequently on some days also.  At the end of the work week, I am exhausted... so much so that my work schedule has had to be adjusted so that I can work "as able," and I hate it.  I hate feeling so helpless.  I hate feeling so burdensome. I hate the pain.  I know it's my cross to carry, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy carrying it.  Is it "normal", in your experience, to have had such a rapid decline?  I'm not asking for diagnosis as I know my issues, but I am curious about how my own issues stack up against your medical history.  The sudden decline has just puzzled me because things went from bad to worst in a relatively short time.  Please let me know your thoughts.  I love you all,


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    Toby, I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. If I might ask, when is your surgery?
    I know exactly what you're going through so here it is. I had another back surgery 8 yrs ago L2-L6 (S1). That went fine, no pain or problems. About 3 yrs. ago I started having a lot of pain. Did the injections, PT, did literally everything. But it still got worse. I went back to my neurosurgeon who said there is nothing we can do because of my age and health. I was 65. What? So I'm of to pain management. Tried injections, everything again. Two year ago scoliosis hit hard and fast.
    I went from riding my Harley and 4 wheeler to walking with a cane, down to 90 lbs, due to stomach issues from all the meds. My PM doctor decided on a pain pump, which i had implanted in January.
    But to answer your question, depending on your spinal issues, yes it can go bad very quick. At least it did for me and you. And it is painful and you do feel guilty but you didn't cause this. Remember that. Start reading all the threads of what so many people are going through, it's sad. It's sad that it's every day New people with the same issues, and that's just on this forum.
    Hang in there, it will get better. They will fix you. But remember when they do, take care of your back, it's got to last.
    If you're having surgery in March or April, joint that month's Surgery Buddies. You will get a lot of support and advice from other members having surgery. And I'll be there too.
    Take care and keep posting, it helps. 
  • Thank you so much for the response. I also have a motorcycle ("aero") and I have been missing her so much. I have been so overwhelmed because I feel like when I have a good thoracic day, I have a bad lumbar day, or a bad facet day, etc. I can't catch a solid day of no pain relief... ever. Even with my injections, I still have the other part of my pain area to contend with.
    My surgery day is April 14th. On Tuesday it will be one month away. I can't wait. I will keep reading other posts in here to keep learning more. The success stories are what give me hope! Thank you!
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