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Constant Back and Neck Pain for 4 years!

Hi guys, I decided to write here for help because I dont know what to do with my life anymore. I am living with severe  pain every second I breath, I tried many doctors, chiropractors, PT, massages, MRI, Xray, Acupuncture, Botox injections, epidural injections for years... nothing helped and Doctors dont even know what is the cause of my pain... I have no more energy to fight it... and the pain is so strong that you dont wanna live anymore, Im not even saying that I cant enjoy life, Its hard to describe. Please if someone maybe had similar tragedy and found some solution or drug that helped please let me know. Thanks and wish you guys luck!


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,212
    hello technics88 !
    you state you've had pain for four years. curious if it has changed throughout that time?
    curious if any activity or if your work aggravates your pain?

    curious if you have seen pain management doctor?...other specialist..?
    my pcp tried to work with my pain two years before referring me to pain management. best thing for me!
    pm doctor started treatment to take edge off my pain while testing me to find cause.
    many tests i had, i did not hear mentioned to me previously. each of us so individual, but emg was very revealing in my case.

    many of us here know the struggle of enduring pain and feeling vulnerable..and yet having to go on to be best advocate for yourself!
    you asked about knowing of any effective pain medication.
    that is where your good doctor comes in. medication treatment plan for one may not be what is best for you...and it depends on your pain..what kind of pain....
    doctor knows you best and cares for your total well being!

    i may have missed it, but i didn't see that you take any medications. curious if that has not been offered by your doctor?
    have you considered another doctor's opinion?

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