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Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, just joined. I have had numerous selective root blocks for radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, DDD, arthritis lumbar and S1. Am scared to death to have a posterior fusion and am scheduled to have a spinal cord stimulation later this month, any experience with this? Help.


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    hello malliemae !
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    As with anything else, please make sure that surgery was the last and best option. It isn't quick, it isn't simple and it isn't a guaranteed cure. Just because a doctor can root around inside you doesn't mean they are doing the best for you. Pay attention to your body. Your body will tell you a bunch of lies after the first surgery. Are my sutures hanging out?? Did the Dr move something over? I can feel wires inside. This is pretty much nothing. Your nerves are in shock because someone WAS rooting around in you. Maybe something isn't put back correctly or maybe its a phantom feeling you are getting.

    With SCS it isn't much different.... you will hurt more than you thought you would. The trial worked better or worse than the real SCS. The scs site seems very tender. You feel something inside you in your back. All kinds of things will play with your mind. If you must get it done, do it and don't skip any appointments. Let them set up a SCS program that can work for you. It may take several tries. But don't give up. Keep working at it.
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  •  My problem was with my low back, hips, and tail bone due to car accident at my job.  I had a problem with my facet which I got injected twice but the second time it didn't help at all. So i got the Nevro Senza stimulator trial and it took majority if not all my pain away.  I had knee surgery which started hurting me a lot lately and it also helped with that.   It's not too invasive.  Its like getting medication injected in your epidural space except they are leads. Had my permanent one implanted yesterday and I'm feeling great.  Except for tenderness at both incision sites.   I definitely recommend the Senza because you don't feel the tingling like the other systems.  
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