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WEEK 30 yipeeeeeeeeee



  • hi! a couple of things to think about: 17% of achievers take 6 or more times to succeed. there are certain key elements noticed for a successful weight loss.1. track your progress. we do this each sunday 2. do rewards. several of us have material rewards at a certain weight or size 3. persistence is the key. well girlfriends we have not given up! lol! go girl power! 4. have a support system. i could not ask for a better support system than all of you! we have support! and ignoring the realities of life! such as pain. we have to give ourselves leeway not only for that but meds, lack of know what they are! we have all the ingredients for success and i think we all proved to ourselves tha we can lose weight doing the right things. let's not forget "leeway" and that some are hanging with us and we want them on board! Jenny :)
  • well said jenny i could nt agree more,we will win this war
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  • *sighs* Today I dont seem as motivated. I just dont wanna get up on the treadmill. Yesterday I did over a mile and a half but today I just wanna kick myself. If I dont get on it Ill feel crappy. I'll just wait to get that little burst of energy maybe. (|:
    Benji, I really hope you get the clerical job. It'll make you feel much better than sitting at home all day. *crosses fingers*
    My daughter is into those twilight books as well. She was up last night at 4am reading it. She slept most of today away because of it. I was actually thinking about starting to read those books t see what all the fuss was. Maybe after Im finishing the one I'm reading now. :B

    Jenny, how did you get along at the doctors today. Everytime I go there my anxiety level goes up. It's a 40 minute drive from my place and I cringe at having to sit that long in the car wih my back.

    Okay so how many of us peek a the scales everyday? Lets just take a pole on this. Be truthful. I know were not suppose to but we always do alot of things were not suppose to...

    Christina >:D<
  • yes i have to own up i do jump on the scales when i should nt ,but i don t think its a good thing because if you re up a litte bit it can knock you off your plan and you really need a week in between to get a fair reading
    christina don t beat yourself up you re doing great and you l b on that treadmill before you know it,I did nt go walking today because it was pouring but rain or shine il be there tomorrow.come on i know you can do it
  • By it knocking you off your plan. You get on the scale in the morning and if your down it makes you feel so good but if your up its like you just give up cause you already gained weight anyway so you might as well really blow it. I've been trying not to get on the scales but no matter haow hard I try not to, I always end up jumping on them the first thing in the morning after I use the bathroom.
    I'm thinking about having my hubby hide the darn thing. :))

    Christina :)
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  • Christina, walking on the treadmill everyday may become boring and tedious for you. :SS you may need to mix up your exercise.3 days a week is a good average to try and exercise per week. perhaps you are pushing things to much anyway. i just don't feel well enough to exercise every day. if i aim for 3 or 4 times a week i can feel good enought to do that. so don't worry about the treadmill today. think about it tomorrow. FOR SURE tomorrow! Jenny :)
  • you are all going to make yourselves crazy 8} weighing everyday! now get off the scales girls! hide it if you have to!! you are sabotaging yourself! ~X( i wait all week to get on the scale. Jenny :)
  • Stay off the scale...
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  • that I am an emotional eater. But, when I do not feel good or am very tired I do have increased appetite. I think that I am looking for energy and it drives me to eat. Not to mention that some of these meds just plain give me the munchies! lol I wish that I could afford a treadmill. I live on 15 acres which is nice but most of it is wooded and I really do not have anywhere to walk unless I drive somewhere.
  • no more jumping on the scales,i promise lol
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