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WEEK 30 yipeeeeeeeeee



  • was to be thinner and feeling better by the time my first grandson arrives at the end of September. I would still like to lose some by then but my overall goal is to get the weight off to help with my pain and to feel better about myself. I would truly love to just get out of the fat(plus) lady sizes.
  • :) :) painiintheback, i can feel for you in wanting to go down some dress sizes. although i have never been in the same sizes you are i can imagine the frustration and not having the prettiest of clothes to choose from. i shop at the second hand store on my corner and am finding that the choices go down as my size goes up. women can't stay in the smaller sizes so there is a large variety of fun clothes. i even go to a website that has junior sizes. why am i torturing myself? ~X( used to fit i say, will fit again! incentives have to be realistic and the girls here have some real, exciting incentives for themselves. i am going to pull out something i really like, a pair of comfortable pants, and put them on the closet door. we tend to change things we don't like. we made changes last week and have that 1 pound goal again this week. now that is exciting! i know as you put your mind to it you will be holding that baby on your lap in no time and walking to the other side of the department store. Jenny :)
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  • Hmmm... my greater incentive is to flatten my tummy in case I do end up having the ALIF surgery, how pathetic is that as a weight loss incentive. But I know the group here gets it, even if no one else does.

    I also want my confidence back, I want to put my clothes on without having to think about hiding various body parts. Like my upper arms are fat, I even feel self conscious in short sleeves.
    Jan 2009 L5-S1 ALIF
    May 2017 ALIF L4-L5 with PLF rods added L4-L5-S1
  • on the confidence boost,when im just that little bit slimmer i feel more confident,so thats my aim too.Now ive been off work for 10 months i don t feel as confident as i did,but i know it will come back,im making more off an effort now even if its just to put on abit of lipstick and mascara,it does help.
    i ve been feeling alittle nausated this week i ve spoke to the doc and she has presciped lozac and it has help,ive also cut down on the co codomol,
    jenny you l get into that dress i just know it
  • i have to confess that i ate a large piece off shortbread yesterday,but i did go out walking twice yesterday yo try and offset the damage,on a good note ive found an ideal way to stopping myself from snacking,im making the order of service and invititions for my sisters wedding i made the first one yesterday and showed it to her,she was so happy with it she nearly cried,i surprised myself with how good they are,although my daughter did help with the computer work a great deal,so its really a joint effort
    good luck for tomorrow girls
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  • :) aimless, would that we could all have a flat tummy! you don't need any explanations for us. we do get it! each of us has a body part i am sure we want to see different. i am not unhappy with all of me just certain parts! lol! isn't that true? some of us like our arms but not out legs, you know what that is all about. it can't all be bad now can it? benji, doing girlie things when we aren't happy with our self image can only make us feel better. doing these things is a big plus not only for our self image but to change how the outside world looks at us. having pain can make it difficult to do. you managed even though you aren't feeling really well right now. you are really going all out. remember to get your rest! Jenny :)
  • ranchoalmosta, how has your week been? i missed you checking in! :)] see you soon! Jenny :)
  • :) well, Christina has tattoos. 5 of them. is this a minor hobby Christina? anyone else have any "hobbies" we should know about! lol!here is a chance to let us know alittle about you. something other than the weight loss side. when i think of one i will let you know! :)) Jenny :)
  • Jenny, nahhh, not a hobby but a my first marriage ended (husband cheated on me) I went through a phase of "my body is my own so take that!!" because he hated tattoos. (yep I know, dumb
    I do have a newer one on the bottom of my back I had done after my second marriage that is very pretty that the surgeon cut through during surgery but he did an excellent job of lining it up, cant tell it was cut through. :O
    Enough of tattoos :)
    Here's a cute tidbit of knowledge for you girls. I met my latest husband on the internet in a chat room 6 years ago. First we became really good friends, then best friends and in 2005 I moved to the states and got married. He's my best friend and always will be. :X
    Oh there's another tidbit of'm originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada. (little island off New Brunswick, near Nova Scotia)
    Okay so who else has some interesting info about them :))

    Christina :)
  • I am thinking. I will get back to you on that.
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