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Stressed from fear of re-herniating after Microdiscectomy...

TacomGuy29TTacomGuy29 Posts: 25
edited 03/13/2017 - 1:27 AM in Recovering from Surgery
How do you all deal with the stress and worry of re-herniating after a microdiscectomy? I am one week post-op and have generally been feeling pretty well, but am also extremely nervous about causing another herniation.

I'm under a lot of pressure to get well quick from my job and also have my wedding and honeymoon coming up in six weeks. The surgery I had last week was basically almost an emergency because of how large the herniation was and how close I was to CES, even though I had very little pain compared to most stories on here. 

It's really difficult to handle it all. 


  • I know where you're coming from with that, I'm 10 weeks post op now and I went through (still somewhat going through) the same thing with work. I was deathly afraid of reherniating, and I work as a contractor so I wasnt getting paid for any of my time off so I understand the pressure there. The way I looked at it is, everything important in my life (job, relationships, hobbies) hinged on me recovering well, so I made that my #1 priority and made sure not to rush anything. I have a somewhat physical job so I was nervous about taking too much time off, but I figured that if I rushed back too quickly and got hurt again, I would REALLY be screwed and most likely lose my job. I know I wasn't going to get any more leeway on time off so just make sure to get it right this first time so you can continue life without any hitches.
  • TacomGuy29TTacomGuy29 Posts: 25
    edited 03/13/2017 - 3:07 PM
    Hi AP15, 

    Glad I'm not the only one feeling the heat. It doesn't help that I'm only 30 and the last thing the surgeon told me before I left was that you're not really in the clear for at least 3 months and even then I'm at a higher risk of re-injury due to my young age. Sounds backwards because you'd think young age would be a plus, but I guess it also makes it easier to do something dumb before your body is ready. I actually feel great after one week, but I think that makes it harder to not overdo it, because I already feel myself moving around a lot faster, getting up and down faster, reaching for things, etc.. It's hard to be so careful when you feel alright. 

    Can't wait for my follow up next week so I can get his opinion on my progress. Would be nice if he'd send me for an MRI just so I can actually see that I haven't done any damage yet, but he might not do that unless I have a setback. 
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  • I'm only 22 so I'm with you there, these several months of not doing anything have been nothing short of depressing, especially since I used to lift weights 4-5 times a week and be pretty active. I would definitely advise you to try your best to limit any even remotely risky movement, because you might still get a flare up or some residual burning at some point and from experience I can tell you it's easy to assume the worst when that happens. Even if it's minor stuff like you mentioned your mind can definitely start racing and thinking you messed up. 
  • I'm 40 and had  bilateral microdiscectomy 4 days ago. I went in with pain left leg that was significant. My right leg had just started to have symptoms of sciatica like my left. Now the left is feeling great and the right couldn't hurt more when I lay on that side or even when I lay on my left. Only relief comes from walking or laying flat. They have prescribed a steroid and muscle relaxer because an MRI wouldn't show anything  but inflammation this soon. Do others experience this and how long should I wait before I panic that this is a re-herniation. 
  • TacomGuy29TTacomGuy29 Posts: 25
    edited 03/15/2017 - 11:38 AM
    I couldn't comfortably lay on my left side until about day 7 after my surgery. I'm at day 9 now and am pretty much pain free until the evening after being up and down and walking all day. Hardest part now is finding a chair that I feel safe sitting nervous about sitting in the couch. I'd say give it more time before you start to panic and just avoid things that hurt. 
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