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Severe chronic neck pain

I'm a 48 year old woman that has been battling neck issues since 2011. The pain started 3 years after working at a job where i worked in a very odd position over a sink or microscope doing the same repetitive motion. I was also rushed to get orders ready while also working with dangerous acids and often while trying to train people, so continues stress. I was applying muscle cream every break, lunch, before drive home. Anyway, i started going to chiropractor, had traction, dry needling, physical therapy, pain management that tried trigger point injections, acupuncture, different medicines. Anyway, after working there 2 more years it continued to get worse and against my husbands wishes i just had to quit when i started having dizziness, nausea, couldn't eat, and then i had a horrid panic attack on my  way home one night because I was in so much pain. Since then, I have tried many other doctors, had unsupportive family accuse me of faking, exaggerating, it's in my head, just get out more. Finally started thinking i was going insane and my dog actually interrupted a suicide attempt, I came to my senses only because I realized I couldn't do that to my mother, the rare supportive family and my dogs. So now here i am in 2017, still battling this horrid pain, just went through a divorce from my "husband" of 20 years because I couldn't be the active person I had always been and all this was wearing on more depressed because he was always posting of all his fun on Facebook while I'm home in pain. Ive lost all i ever worked for, my land that had been in family for generations. Now I'm going to another pain management doctor that has tried oxycodone, morphine, now Fentanyl patch, so far thats not helping. MRI's show arthritis and straightness of neck some and there's this horrid spasm on the left side that will never go away!! I have had no life at all for 4 years. I am now at the point I think ive just finally accepted this is it and i have no more fight left in me....


  • Hello Dog lover,

    I am also a chronic pain patient.  I have cervical and lumbar pain.  I had two level acdf and now have a compression fracture of my thoracic spine.  I am so sorry your life is so painful.  No one should have to endure pain non stop.  Add to that, the fact your husband and you are divorced just makes things worse.  I have learned that pain meds alone usually don't help chronic pain much.  You must use a combination of different meds such as muscle relaxers and nerve pain meds in conjunction with pain meds to be effective.  Also heat and ice help.  Injections may also help.  Please don't give up, help may be just a minute away.  Life is hard, no doubt about it.  I am lucky enough to have a wife of thirty four years to help me everyday. 

    You sound as if counseling would help you also.  I will pray for you and ask God to help you heal as he will not leave us in our state permanently.  I have faith in Him.  If you would like to talk you can private message me at any time. 

    My German Shepherd dog is my personal therapy.


  •  Hi Muttlvr, I certainly understand your pain and frustration that comes with chronic pain. My spouse also bailed on me but I feel it was a gift in disguise..we don't need that negativity and lack of support. The problem is with them and you've done nothing to deserve that ill treatment. I had to learn to fend for myself after 20 years of marriage. It was brutal at first, but time was the best healer. Also, having a new found sense of independence after seeing that I could manage okay by myself. I had to let go of the hatred so it wouldn't consume me anymore. Being told I was "broken" and no longer wanted was the burden I had to let go of. Although difficult, I know you can get through this and go on to forge a new life for yourself. I'm sorry you had to experience this through no fault of your own. Have you tried cervical epidural injections? It might give you weeks or months of relief. You could try a TENS unit and topical creams for your neck, as well as gentle massage. I've tried several different pain medications in the past, and sometimes it takes awhile to find the most effective med combination. Muscle relaxers are very handy with this type of pain too, and well worth a try if your doctor prescribes them. Like Dmo, I also consider my dog as personal therapy. Take care. 
    Ol' Spiney..Micro-D L4-L5, TLIF L4-S1 -post op central HNP L4-S1,stenosis, retrolisthesis, EF, facet arthropathy, lumbar& cervical DDD. FBSS- Medtronic pain pump & SCS
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,264
    edited 03/19/2017 - 5:36 AM
    hello muttlvr!
    may i say, i love your "mutt" also!
    i am very glad you have found this site!

    many of us members can relate to the strained relationships and the aloneness in our pain.
    now you have a full community who understand what you have and are experiencing!
    even we moderators are chronic pain sufferers who have had similar struggles.

    you are so not alone!

    we even have a discussion titled****it is in your head**** unfortunately, that is a response many of us have received from unaware doctors and unbelieving family members.

    you can find discussions about any of your concerns, by using search, upper right on page.
    you may be led to medical side. main site has all the formal medical information for you to research on, also.

    you mentioned arthritis. you may be interested in also reading from our sister site,
    upper left on page, click on spine-health logo, and it will have listings drop and you will be able to click on link to arthritis site.

    there is also very interesting discussion titled,*****doctor says i have exhausted all my options**** you may find helpful!

    myself, i struggle with depression and anxiety. they are symptoms that can be treated, and doctor should be made aware of them, also.
    i referred myself to,psychiatric care, doing some talk therapy and eventually met a therapist who specilaized in depression with chronic pain.
    with her, my therapy moved along much more quickly as it was more intense and she gave me much more feedback!
    but even my previous talk therapy was very helpful.
    i choose to continue to see psychiatrist for medication management as my thinking has never been better. and some antidepressants are thought to help with chronic pain management.

    having the pain of divorce certainly compounds any issue.
    and it is so not easy to remain strong advocate for yourself with so much physical and emotional pain and feeling so vulnerable....but we must! never, ever give up!

    the doctor who best understands may be the next doctor you meet...or the fifth. the next med you're prescribed may be the most effective....or the umpteenth med.
    we never know! so we never give up!

    please click on link for helpful information!
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
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