Intradiscal Ozone Injections

Brief history on my conditions:  Pain started at age 12 after major growth spurt, later found mild scoliosis.  Had 2 children at ages 20 and 22 which exacerbated the back pain.  Had MRI showing bulged disc at L5-S1, started on several years of facets, foraminals, physical therapy and narcotics, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds as well as RFA.  Pain worsened over several years and I started having sciatic pain shooting down the left leg.  Discogram showed leakage in the disc.  Had disc fusion at L5-S1 at age 30.  After surgery recovery the pain started to get better but never fully went away.  Pain came back and worsened within a year after surgery.  MRI showed an extruding disc at L4-L5 another couple years of facets, foraminals, narcotics.  Sciatic pain worsened and I had a  Myelogram done last month that showed the disc extrusion was putting pressure on the nerve root.  Doctor was surprised I wasn't in more pain.  Gave 2 options:  Intradiscal Ozone Injection or surgery

I had an Intradiscal Ozone Injection in the disc at my L4-L5 four days ago and here's what the doctor won't tell you:

Day 1:  They knocked me out for the procedure, thank God. The numbing shots and steroids, etc that they use during the procedure keep you good for about 12 hours.  The pain the first night is bad but usually manageable with hydro 10-325 or Percs 10-325

Day 2:  Unmanageable pain, feels like your vertebrae are bone on bone.  You will not be able to walk or use the restroom without help.  This is not an exaggeration...I've had 2 kids sand major back surgery...I know pain.

Day 3:  See day 2.  Maybe very slight improvement.  

Day 4:  Cannot walk more than around the house without severe pain but at least I can use the restroom on my own.  Walking in short steps to avoid leg extension which pulls into my back.  Bending still causes severe pain.  Sitting up for long periods causes severe pain.  

If if you are having this procedure done please make sure you are provided adequate medication by your doctor, take several days off work, have someone to assist you for at least 2-3 days.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 3,491
    Thank you very much for sharing your information and experience.
    Members to member information.....priceless.
  • Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Hoping you're doing well! Not to pry, but how are you doing with recovery and healing? My partner received the injections in March. He received physical therapy, and is now doing  swimming in a heated pool. 
    If I'm not overstepping, how has the process been? He's doing better, but still a ways to go. He suffered severe muscle atrophy, muscle mass loss and lost quite a bit of weight. He's getting a bit impatient and is wondering when he'll be well enough to travel and return to his life. 
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  • Snapshotsurfmama, how are you doing now after your Intradiscal Ozone Injections? 
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