New, need help to what may happen.

Over a month that ago I woke up with a sore neck and headache. I thought I slept wrong. So I took a few ibuprofen before heading into work and I was good to go. I notice doing my paper work I couldn't bend my neck that far and I bothered me. (I work factory work and lift anywhere up to 70 lbs while running 8 injection molds.) Later that night i my back started to bother me as well. I did report the issues to my boss and nothing happen. So I finally got to see my doctor, told her what was going on and really nothing happen. I was put on a muscle relaxer and 800 mg of ibuprofen. Now I'm coming down with a slight cold and notice the middle of my back under my shoulder blades would hurt up into my neck mostly the left side when I sneezed, cought or laugh hard. So I went back to my doctor a week later and nothing had improved. I had to see another doctor about my neck, found out I had 3 disc out of place 3 inch's from where they are supposed to be at. He adjusted me, took me off work and put to PT. Next day I went to PT, did my evaluation with her and found out my right side was higher them my left. Ok so I'm being told all of their with NO X-ray? Next went to the chiropractors office told them what was going. They took the x-rays and found out that I had a deteriorating C4 and C5 disc, bone spurs from my neck to middle of my back, arthritis and my spine was twisted one inch to the right. As the weeks went on, off work, left side at 48 percent stranght, going back and forth to PT and chiropractor it seems like nothing had happened other then range of motion with pain. Got my MRI done and found out I have a protrusion in my C4-5 and a extrusion in my C6-7 with a large disc in C4-5 area. And Central canal is at 5mm. So what happens from here? Fusion? I have read alot of thing on the internet about fusions. I do have tingling in my left arm down to my elbow, my left shoulder blade really doesn't want to more and I'm hearing more and more grinding in my with front headaches. Please chime in, thank you.


  • Nice way to get advice what may happen. 
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    hello erick78 !
    just a reminder, members will come across discussions when interested in topic.....but also when they are able.
    we all suffer from chronic pain and varying issues and many times are unable to be online for whatever period of time they need to feel able.
    we moderators are all volunteers, and also are all enduring chronic pain and have same reasons for being offline for a time.

    re your statements of the shape your discs are in, i am curious if you are working with a pcp? for me personally, to have cervical issues as you described, i would not want any manipulation done.
    your pcp would probably refer you to spine specialist, and or surgeon, for consult and further evaluations.

    your question of what happens from here?...fusion? something no one on spine-health can answer for you.
    ***there are no medical professionals on discussion forums. 
    we member's are not qualified nor allowed to give any medical advice.
    you did not ask, but we are also not allowed to comment on any mri or other test results*****
    your questions are very good ones, but need to be addressed to your doctors. seeking second opinions is never a bad idea either, esp if considering surgery.

    members responding  with their shared experiences doesn't take the place of doctor's care.

    faqs, on right of page, under....medical information....has helpful information re when seeing specialists.
    ex..of maybe suggestions or reminders of questions to ask. and also, ex...that it usually very good idea to bring with you to appointment the cds of mri and other tests. 
    specialists usually prefer to view the actual image and not dependent on accompanied written impressions.

    for any of your concerns, search may benefit you, upper right on page.
    you may be led to current or older discussions. you may be led to medical side.
    the main site has all the formal medical articles and videos for you to research on.

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forumplease click on link for helpful information!
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  • Hi Erick
    Welcome and sorry you felt like you did not get a response as quickly as you wanted when in pain we are desperate to get answers or help.
    Sue gave you excellent advice and please don't leave you will find this web-site full of others in pain or not but so willing to reach out and help you. I don't respond as much as I would like to because of pain and health issues but still others try their best to help me when they can. 
    That said like Sue said you have some serious problems and need to see your Primary Care doctor for a referral to a specialist who can help you. Chiropractors can help some problems but can also do damage by doing certain adjustments. 
    I hope you find some help soon and please come back and let us know how you are doing and what you found out.
    Take care Sherri
  • Hi Erick, 
    Your body aches and pains, tingling, and other sensations will alarm you and "tell" you when it is time for the fusion surgery.
    For me, I tried to stand up one day from sitting on a high barstool and almost fell because I realized that I had no feeling in my right foot and leg. It took me a few minutes to get the feeling back. I called my neurosurgeon right away and we scheduled my surgery. Everyone is different. 
    Be careful of falling or getting into a collision of any kind, whether it be a car accident, amusement ride, work or sports injury. Lifting can make things worse. I got two different opinions from two neurologists (one that specialized in MS, in case it was MS.) and a neurosurgeon who was a great doctor. He was not convinced that I needed surgery. He thought I had M.S. or some other spine condition rather than injury. If it wasn't an injury, his surgery would have been worthless. 
    I had to go with my gut feeling and convince my surgeon to do the surgery before I lost my mobility. It was the right decision for me, and I have slowly improved with time. If I had MS, my mobility would have gotten worse with time, as I am now 60.

    I hope that you and your doctors can figure this out. Just be aggressive with getting the right diagnosis and treatment options. Make sure that you get good neurologists.

  • Hello again. Yes I do understand people here are not doctors, I just wanted advice if some are going through the same thing as I am now. I had a MRI done and it really killed my neck laying still in one position. Because of my insurance, Im going to a spinal specialist on the 12th before a surgeon. I asked my chiropractor for a disc copy of my x-rays to take with, well she told me she wanted to talk to me asap. Well come to find out with her, she pulled up me MRI I may have another disc starting to blow out now. She asked me how I've been feeling. Most days I still have tingling in my left arm still and now some in my right arm. Stiffness every day, my range of motion is starting to go away now and tension headaches almost everyday. So now I'm getting worried about if I have to have a fusion or whatever how can I provide for my family? My wife works a part job and since I've been off work for 6 weeks because I can't left no more then 10 Ibs can't go back to work. To top it all off my disability runs out this week because my job doesn't carry long term disability. I'm just trying to play it one day at a time, but it's hard when you have 4 kids. So if I do have surgery how long to get back to work  or would I have to file for SS? I'm here looking for as much advice I can of what people has gone through and what not. I do appreciate it.
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    I think Disability can be a very important step to take care of yourself and your family.
    Since you've already been on short term, it should be understandable when you need to move up to a more long term solution.

    That said, doesn't mean you are stuck on Disability forever. They can review your case periodically, and of course, you can let them know when you are able to return to work, with less stress on your spine.
    And you can always work somewhat if able physically and able to stay under a certain amount of money earned each month.

    I used a Disabilty attorney. I had appointment at the end of the week that I decided I had to quit working for my health..pain...and I became a lousy employee, not dependable and such, due to pain and accompanying issues.

    Attorney guided me through the entire process, double checked my forms before I submitted to SS.
    He guided me on discussing forms for doctors to fill out.
    What I did, I made appointments with doctors to fill out their form.
    Doctors would ask me questions and I answered, so they were not needing to depend on their memeory or their records.
    Real live pain sitting  in front of them to remind them of why I was/am in need of Disability was very expedient.
    My attorney even handled the hearing. And I received my benefits within six months....two years later for Medicare.

    So if you lose your present job, you will probably get COBRA and timing for Medicare health insurance may work out.
    Also, using the Disability attorney cost me nothing out of pocket and in fact attorney did not make money off of my case.
    That is because I had no retroactive payments due to me. 
    If I had retroactive payments due to me, attorney would get a certain percentage..which I can't remember but I remember thinking it sounded reasonable...and even with that, there is a cap to the fees they can collect.

    Depending on the ages of your children, your county should have some resources for you at a location workers, like a Dept of Human Services....?
    All children in the States are eligible for health care coverage....and always have no cost to you ...falling within a certain income bracket, of course.
    Your wife, I'm not sure.
    If she was a single mother, they usually cover the mother, also, with intention to keep mom healthy to care for the children.
    They also may be able to help your wife with you being on Disabilty....?

    The above I have experienced either personally, or through loved ones...friends and family I know it's out there.
    I really struggled with the pain, losing my ability to work, cognitive issues, feeling vulnerable...and yet having to remain strong to get things in place to take care of myself.
    I was so thankful for the agencies that are out there and who assisted me.
  • Thank for the advice. Right now since my disability ran out that will affect my rent payment. My landlords sorta understand what's going on and I have plans of going to talk to them about my disability running out and so forth. My wife thinks that they will kick us out and we will be homeless. I told her that they can't just kick us out due to medical reasons plus we have a 5 yr old daughter. We also have 3 boys ages 13, 14 and 16. Idk if anyone else ran into this problem before or what. I have saved everything from day one for proof.
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