Trial with NEVRO Stimulator

Just got out from my surgery.  Feeling great.  With this one I won't feel anything. It's "Paresthia free"  can leave it on 24/7.  This is only my trial.  Will post more later.  


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Glad to hear you are doing so well!
  • It's awesome.  The only pain I felt was from the incisions.  And it was more soreness than actual pain.  I don't want the trial to end but I have to get it out on 3/29/17.  Hope I get my permanent one soon.  I haven't been pain free for almost 4 yrs. now.   I'm loving it.  Wish everyone had the same experience as me.   I def. recommend the Senza Stimulator.
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