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Surgery without severe radiculopathy to this forum and trying to gather information.  I'm a young mom with bulging 4/5?and herniated 5/6 disc.  Radiating pain and numbness started in September.  The radiculopathy is actually not horrible.  The neck pain, headaches etc is terrible.  Pain doctor is sending me back to the surgeon since injections have not provided much long term relief.  Can anyone offer insight?  I feel like my only option might be surgery....but I have read that for many it doesn't help their neck...only the arm pain. I'm at a loss, but I'm young and healthy and I can't imagine doing nothing.


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    hello jvdgymu 2!
    when you are about to see a surgeon, please remember, it never hurts and often helps to get another opinion.

    for your appointment t, you may be interested in reading posts re how to prepare for appointment.
    you can find at faqs, on right side of page, under...medical information....

    you may receive suggestions or reminders of questions to ask.
    and often times, when being seen by specialist, bring any of the cds of any tests you have had done.
    it's not unusual for specialist to want to view the test instead of being dependent on written impressions.

    while waiting for more responses from members with shared experiences, search may be useful to you, upper right on page.
    for nay of your concerns, you may be led to current or older discussions. you may be led to medical side
    the main site has all the formal medical articles and videos for you to research on, also.

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forumplease click on link for helpful information!
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