Cervical Stenosis...and other things. help or thoughts would be appreciated greatly!

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early 20s here, been in chronic pain for 8+ years since a football
injury- pain is on the right side pretty much only- it started with my
right shoulder blade having sharp pain, but now I have pain between
shoulder blade and spine, the rib cage in the back which eventually
become the entire rib cage), and on and near the spine all the way up
and down the spine, as well as in the neck/clavicle and muscle cramping
and spasming throughout the right side of the back. Some days the
thoracic spine, shoulder blade or my ribs area hurts the worst, some
days its the neck and hand pain that bothers me the worst, others the
lower back which radiates down the legs. Lots of numbness & tingling

On top of these i have developed a variety of [edit]
conditions since then including but not limited to: TMJ and facial pain,
migraines, IBS and abdominal cramping/spasming, winged and snapping
right scapula, major depression & generalized anxiety, general
fatigue, hyperhydrosis and cold sweats, and cognitive/memory problems. I haven't been getting better in
many of these aspects and had to drop out of college in October 2016
greatly because of this. I mostly just want to get out of pain first and
foremost or at least reduce the pain from the 6-8 average (breakthrough
pain of 9s and 10s daily to weekly depending on the conditions and my
exercise levels). I am an opioid addict from oxy and morphine that i used during shoulder surgery recovery( and dealing with the chronic pain) so i cannot use opioids anymore and havent in 5+ years...but i have to get out of this pain.

I have had 2 surgeries to correct a torn labrum
in the right shoulder (from 3 oclock to 9 oclock for those that know
what that means) roughly 5 and 6 years ago...dr thought it would stop
the pain in the shoulder blade but it didn't.

I was diagnosed
with congenital cervical spinal stenosis c3-c7, degenerative disc
disease c3-c7 and right neural foraminal stenosis c5-6 earlier this year
by 2 separate spinal surgeons.
Prior to moving to a new city
last year, I had so much trouble for the last 7 years finding a doc that
actually believed me on my pain and would be an advocate and run
tests...and my family was less than helpful to a teenager in confusing
severe chronic pain while developing all these other problems and the
child doctors i saw throughout my childhood were not equipped to deal
with this, and neither were the GPs I've previously seen.

the drs that found the stenosis were not sure that the pain i feel was
caused by the cervical stenosis (partially because of my symptoms,
partially because of a root nerve block in c7 that didnt stop any pain)
so they both recommended against surgery. the surgeons both didn't think
the stenosis was bad enough to cause
all of the pain symptoms i was having but the first recommended some
pseudo science explanation for the pain, and the second just sent me to a
pain and wellness psychiatrist (he noted how i cried when he told me
that he was not recommending surgery or any solutions, which obviously
means im emotionally unstable lol).

 Now im back to square one
again, but this time i have a psychiatrist & talk therapist, a pain
management dr, and a good PT so its not as daunting as it could be, but
its still been a devastating experience to say the least. I am going to
go to Mayo clinic   in May for their opinions
but its not fully covered by my insurance so im not sure how much help
ill get there. My PT wants me to go see an interventional pain
specialist, and my talk therapist thinks i have PTSD and need to go to a
day treatment center for the depression.

my main question
is i guess, does anyone have experience with anything that sounds like what im
dealing with? Anything that can shed some light onto what im going
through and help me get to people that can be helpful.

Should i
see a neurologist...rheumatologist....endocrinologist? or just randomly
hope that some spine doctor or internist is gunna go out of their way to
help me or even be able to?  i just dont know what to do and where to go from here and im
not great with all the medical language and explaining to people how i
feel and what im going through, so its lead to a lot of shitty
encounters with doctors and such. As of now in my life, im broke, unemployed, and
i smoke weed(only thing that helps the pain) and play video games all
day to pass the time and I have very little support IRL so i need all the help i can get.



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    hello jr1133 !
    it sounds very good that you are involved with psychologist and talk therapy.
    awhile back, i did a two week day program for my depression and anxiety and i found it very helpful!
    it has been very useful in everyday life and relationships, esp with issues that accompany chronic pain.
    it was intense. those two weeks of day program was worth like six months of weekly therapy.

    another thing i found extremely helpful re my relationships with my chronic pain, was my reading****the spoon theory*****
    you can find with search, upper right in large.

    it has gotten to be a shorthand for my family and friends who are trying to understand.
    for ex...i may bow out of an invitation saying..i don't have enough spoons. and my friends have called to say...can you save some spoons to do lunch on friday?....

    re what kind of doctor to see, after your visit to mayo, you may have better information to guide you.
    it seems very good that your pain management doctor is working with you. my pm doctor is also a neurologist. 
    when i was initially with pm clinic, my pm was anesthesiologist...and very observant.

    while you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, search may be useful to you, upper right on page.
    you may be led to current or older discussions. you may be led to medical side.
    the main site has all the formal medical articles and videos for you to research in, also. very informative!

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    Just want to add some more info and maybe bump the thread ha :#

    had a suprascapular nerve block today, it helped some but only probably reduced my pain by 5-10%. The pain i dont feel right now is in my shoulder, probably the GH and AC joints. 

    Still looking for answers for the other pains - seems like it could be the upper/lower subscapular nerve and the dorsal scapular nerve which makes sense as they the subscapular nerves innervate under the scapula and the dorsal is the rhomboids next to it. There are several other nerves in this region too though like the thoracodorsal that innervates the lattisumis dorsi. Im not sure what the best way to see if each of these nerves is bad as it takes 1 month+ to do each injection and that would be like 4+ months :(
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  • Hi Jr

    I was also diagnosed with Cervical stenosis two and half years ago and also having Lumbar issues. I’ve been in the same pain with a host of other issues which I never had before my ACDF surgery from  C3-6, which includes:

    Facial pain

    Twitching all over

    Stomach and heart issues 

    Chronic pain and most frustrating the neurological weird sensations all over.

    I’ve almost given up but yes there are people out there like you. 

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    This is a very old discussion, jr1133  hs not been back to the forum  for over 2 years so you probably won't get a response.

    You could start your own discussion.

    ~Liz Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

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