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Lower back pain

I had 2 lumbar spinal fusion surgeries in 2003.  It was L-5 and I had spondylolysis.  The ortho doctors said it was a deformation in growth.  I just started seeing a new Ortho Dr. who told me there is no scientific fact to prove that. He asked me if I played Sports when I was younger and I told him yes. I told him all the sports I played and I included softball period he asked me if I was a picture and I said no, but he thinks that may have been what caused my disk to have done what it did to give me spondylothesis.  Anyone else ever here that?


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  • Hi Cher,

    I have had a two level cervical fusion and getting ready for kyphoplasty on T12 due to compression fracture.  I have a moderate disc bulge on the root nerve at L4-L5.  As to what causes us to have bad spines, who can tell.  I am a three time loser at all three levels on my spine. 

    Are you have issues now?  I have spondylolith- at C4-C5 now is this causing you pain?  All I can say now is I do not overload my spine lifting anymore.  Let me know if I can help.


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  • Hi there,

      I wouldn't discount the sports theory.  I know my knee's have paid the price for playing sports (catcher, softball) and other things.  Different type's of doctors drill down into their specialties and find new and interesting things regarding specialty care.  My Pain Management Doctor thinks I have Spondy (don't have x-ray proof) at L3,4, but caused from the fusion itself, no other reason.

      Bottom line, take care of your back as much as you can even if it means cutting back on what you do for enjoyment.  After my Fusion L4-S1 ALIF, I continued playing sports and such till the point came to where I was hurting too badly again. I think I probably pushed things too much instead of taking it easy.


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