Chronic Neck Pain

New member.. I have chronic neck pain that cause headaches.  I do stretches and lean of my bed to stretch out my muscles. It does provide some relief,  but only temporary. What are your rights on chiropractor help?


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    hello sanderfordlm !
    do you mean...what are our thoughts on chiropractic help?....?

    would you be able to tell us a little more about yourself, for memebers with shared experiences to be more able to respond?
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  • Chiropractors kept my neck moving for 15 years ...but if I was able to do it all over again I would find myself a great MASSAGE THERAPIST and also a physical therapist. A good massage therapist will work on the muscles and its not a 'feel good' massage-often it hurts-but the day afterwards you feel better.
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  • Sanderfordlm,  I recommend a chiropractor but find a Corrective chiropractor who does before and after X-rays and whose goal is to restore the normal function and not just symptom relief. If you can't find a Corrective chiropractor then look for a Vitalistic chiropractor. They have a mind/body approach to healing and don't "crack" like other chiropractors. I'm going to one and my neck and arm pain are slowly getting reduced. This is expected since it can take some time for healing to take place and I have 2 protrusions in neck to correct.
    Best wishes:)
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