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Annular tear and bulge after numbing procedure

My first rupture was 6-7, in 2000 . Plate and bolts were done and surgery was great success. Second rupture occurred 2009, but no Dr would do surgery till 4 yrs later and another plate was put in April 2014, just above first one. Pain never went away especially on both sides by ears, then continues to tighten like a rope swing till it effects jaw and entire back of neck and I'm left unable to speak or sit up with weight of head. It always starts on sides however. Since bei g on same dose of meds for 4 yrs which are not working as before, I've gone through every other treatment available, except ablation which pain management stated I needed to do, or they would stop pain meds. Upon numbing my right side, I was screaming in pain, and Dr told nurse he was having difficulty going around plate. Left side did not hurt, but nurse increased IV med. Immediately after, instead of being numb, pain increased to such an extent, in shoulder and neck, I couldn't tell I had taken my meds at all, and by next day, I started a fever and that progressed to bronchitis and pneumonia to which I had never had before, nor had been sick in 10 yrs. Pain kept escalating in neck and right shoulder and Dr was angry when I stated I was never numb, but pain shot up! I was ill for 16 weeks, needed 4 rounds of antibiotics and just had new MRI which now shows a bulge and annular tear in c-4 above new plate. Am wondering if this could have come just by chance due to the new plate from less than 3 yrs ago, or from the procedure? I never had shoulder pain or added pain until that procedure was done. Now I don't know if I should see another surgeon and pain is 24/7, but just dulled by pain meds. This would be third disk, I'm now 59, and wonder if I will always be on meds and in pain. I still have two young children, both with disabilities. Thank you


  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 918
    faithrile - I'm sorry for you to hear of your two neck fusions and your current condition. 

    I, like you have to fused levels in my neck and I am likely looking at having two more levels fused.  I know why my neck is falling apart.  I had severe whiplash where I was paralyzed for a period of time on my right side.  Did your condition come about because of an accident or are your dealing with a degenerative condition?

    I never heard of a "four year rule".  From what you described in your post, I'd highly recommend getting a second neurosurgical opinion.     
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