Effect of warmth on chronic neck pain

I do suffer from chronic arms/wrist and neck pain due to damage to central cord (central cord syndrome) and accompanied by multilevel cervical stenosis.The intensifies when I am stressed out,anxious and fatigued,which I am most of the time as I sleep poorly since  I also have insomnia. My neuro 1st recommended surgery (4 level cervical laminectomy with fusion) but later told me that the surgery will not improve  existing symptoms as they are due to damage to the cord itself ,and the cord cannot be repaired or regenerated.
I have been trying medication, yoga, physio but those measures don't bring much relief. Only some application of ice packs to my arms bring some temporary relief. I did also notice that my neck hurts less and is less stiff during the warm weather and gets worse during cold and damp weather conditions. Does anybody here has ever had the same or similar experience or some knowledge on the effects of warmth on chronic neck pain?


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    dari, while we are waiting for responses from other member's with shared experiences, it may be useful to you by using the search engine at the top right of this page.
    i have read a few things that might be helpful: tens unit, topic a  cream such as capsaicin.
    ice pack and heat, alternate 15-20 mins, repeat 3 times.
    ice massage, rolling an ice pack over the area.
    using tylenol and aleve, stagger every 4 hrs.
    it is very difficult for anyone to respond when we do not have enough  information to go on.please click on the link below to get started.
  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 240
    Before my acdf, I lost count of the number heating pads I wore out. I thought it was the only thing that eased my pains. Surgeon said no more bc that only makes things swell/get further inflamed. Since then I only ice. The weather. .most anyone will agree that the cold weather makes things ache more as do storm coming in. Conversely, the warm weather doesn't make mine better either.
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  • I like the hot shower in the morning, it helps me get going. Cold is better overall, but the heat 1st thing is good.
  • Max_LeeMax_Lee New York, United StatesPosts: 174
    I've noticed that cold weather tends to make me feel worse.
  • I am using a 5% lidocaine cream off and on.  I use a lot of scarves to keep the draft off my neck they are so fashionable now
    morning warm shower gets me going,  I am waiting more surgery and was put on Gapapentin to help with the nerve pain down my arms not narcotic  Physical therapist told me: sharp pain cold pack, dull pain, warm packs 

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  • Hot shower twice a day help me with pains 
  • Here is what is really strange to me.  I like Ice bag on my neck, hands down nothing works better taking the pain away.  Ice bag on top of my head for cervical headaches. For my lumbar spine I love heating pad.  Why the difference?  For me its the fact heating pads make me sick feeling almost overheated for my face.  Cant get near my face with heat. 

    I have even sat on the sofa on a bad day with ice bag on my neck and heating pad on my lower back.  A sad site to see I know. lol.


  • Don't feel bad. I have used ice and heat at the same time.  I have also told folks most people fill the fridge with food or cold beer. We fill it with cold packs.  No joke at one time a whole shelf was given over to the cold gel packs.
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