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I have done everything regarding my pain I went to different doctors and finally had a x-ray done after having MRI and CAT scans the could see anything at first but they found the problem it was above my plate c4c5c6 is already fused about 9 years ago so above the plate is breaking down I knew since October this day was coming when they were going to say I need surgery but this is what happens my neck is not stable that is the only reason why I am having this surgery the disc are sitting on top of each other and causing crazy pain I was not taking narcotics for two years even though I had 4 surgeries so I knew something was wrong I have gotten like three opinions also I read once you have back surgery you will be back it seems true for me I do suffer from fail back surgery but I have been working but now its killing me I have been taking narcotics since last week surgery is in May I sign the papers today honestly I want to get this over with I know I need it I seen it its terrible but it will be less invasive this time around three months out of work I am determine to get through this. 


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,135
    jrobinson, attitude is everything. Stay positive as you are now and hopefully you will have a great recovery.
    Please join the May Surgery buddies, as you and others sign on you will get a lot of support and great advice.
    Keep us posted on how you are doing.
  • jrobinsonjjrobinson rhode islandPosts: 11
    thank you so much I appreciate you guys reaching out to me it means a lot to me and I will join in may also thanks again and good luck to everyone going through these problems because it can be hard to deal with its good to hear other peoples stories and struggles and the good things of coarse I will keep everyone updated after my surgery
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