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Failed CMBB?

Earlier this month I had a CMBB which was more invasive than I thought (and more painful - ouch!). It lasted two weeks and then faded away over a 2-3 day period. Saw my pain management PA this past week and I thought - hey, this is a good thing because now we know it works, I just need something longer lasting! She said no, it failed. They can only do a RFA after another "successful" CMBB, and I have to wait 2 months for that, and then another 3 months before the RFA. A successful CMBB would have been 4-6 weeks of pain reduction. I also had a series of three migraines including one that landed me in the ER over a week - the first week after the CMBB. I'm sure the two are related but the PA couldn't explain it.

Have others found the same when a MBB didn't last? RFA taking 2 MBBs with 3 months between each (thus RFA in 5 months)? She mentioned epidural block but didn't seem to think it would help, but I've read studies about good results with an epidural for cervical radiculopathy. I had good results when my neurologist did trigger point injections, but it's taken this long to get her to try them (fingers crossed - doing them this week!). What has been your experience with failed MBBs or RFA? Epidural blocks?

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