Chronic neck spasms

I I was 39 when I was diagnosed with severe cord compression that needd emergency surgery to relieve the pressure from my spinal cord. Ever since that surgery I have had major spasms that starts in my neck and travels down my shoulder and chest and eventually in my back , I also get major headaches. The pain is always there sometimes more severe than other times. It can get worst with my menstrual cycles. Any ways after many years of going to different doctors and pain management they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and the onlything they could do was to put me on very strong antidepressant and pain killers that offerred me no relief.
Eventually I found a neurologist that agreed to give me a botox injection in my neck that changed my life. After fighting 6 years of non stop pain that injection stopped my spasms. I did that 3 times every 3 months and I was doing relatively well for almost 2 years. I had reduced my work hours, because when I get tired the pain reappers. and unfortunately lately our workload had increased drasticaly and I didnot take my breaks and launches at work and once again my pain is back. I went for another round of botox injection, but unfortunately I haven't had the same result this time, I continue to have major spasms in my neck and shoulder. I am off work for now.
I am depressed that it didn't work again, I don't why ! 
I suggest the botox injection , you have nothing to loose, but get it just in your neck and not your shoulders , because this  time I had botox done in my shoulders as well as my neck after which I could hardly lift my arms now!
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    As I read this, I gather you got a couple of things going on. One being Fibro and the other your neck. And I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I've been though it too, except with my back. And, I have Fibro.
    I had a Botox injection a few months ago and it only helped a few days, I was so disappointed. But I've heard where it helps a lot of people. Have you discussed with your doctor what are the next options?
    Keep going, keep trying, you will find something for relief.
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