Anterior ACDF

I had an anterior acdf 3/28/17. All the paib reasons for surgery are gone but my neck hurts, hurts to turn, cant get comfortable etc. Drs said this would take 2 months. Does this sound similar to anyone else?


  • I'm 3 weeks post op for the same thing. I understand what you are saying.
    Are you in a collar? 
    I have pain at base of neck, across
    top of shoulders, and sometimes pain I between shoulder blades.
    still sleeping in a recliner at night.
    hang in there.
  • Dr said i didnt have to wear a collar.
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  • Yea neck hurts when i move it. Look up down or side to side. Very exhausting
  • Hi to above posters,

    You are all in early recovery.  You are going to hurt and I mean a lot.  I am five months post op and hurt just as much or more than before surgery.  If you do a search top right of page -pain after acdf- you will see page after page after page of people who still hurt years after surgery.  Some people do get better and move on and then some like myself hurt longer.  I am sorry you hurt but give it some time and pray the above does not happen to you.


  • That's a pretty significant procedure.  I had it 18 months ago.  Some people may recover in a few weeks but I didn't.   Remember that your doctor is trying to  get the bones to grow together where the disc was removed. Doesn't happen fast.  Don't overdue it.  Follow your doctors advice.  When is your next followup appointment?
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