Pain when lying down/leaning back

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum.
I'm 20 years old and I've been experiencing thoracic pain for about 4 years. I've been looking around for info on my symptoms and haven't found much. When I'm upright, the pain is minimal or completely gone, but when I lie down, the pain comes back. As you can imagine, this makes sleeping very difficult. Although I've had this pain for 4 years, it's not always at a consistent level -- sometimes I can lie down for hours and only barely feel it, and sometimes even leaning back in a chair for a moment brings me to tears. 
I had a spine x-ray about a year ago that came back totally clean. I've seen a few doctors about it and they all brush it off, saying it's just stress or that I should try yoga. I have tried yoga and I saw no change in the pain levels. I've also tried massage, again to no avail. 
It's weird to me that the pain comes when I'm lying down or leaning back. I feel the least pain when lean completely forward while sitting in a chair, so my chest touches my thighs, and the most pain when I lie flat on my back. Lying on my side can alleviate the pain a little bit, depending on the pain level at the time. 
Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be, or any suggestions for what to try? Thank you!


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    hello leyls!
    just a reminder...there are no medical professionals on discussion forum.
    we member's are not qualified to give out medical advice...ex...we can't even guess what your issues may be caused from.
    but we do share our experiences......

    i am curious...what kind of doctor is working with you? pcp?....pain management doctor?
    my pcp tried working with my pain two years before referring me to pain management doctor. best thing for me!

    he understood my pain and ordered tests that were not mentioned to me by pcp.
    he helped lessen my pain while searching for causes.
    as with many of us here, it was a bit trial and try again to find diagnosis and again for the proper treatment for the pain. 

    it it is not easy to be in pain, and going to doctors for relief and feeling frustrated. it was exhausting for me anyway.
    but you must be strong in advocating for yourself to find answers to your pain.

    you mentioned difficulty sleeping. i had that also! that sleep deprivation was crazy making to me! and i was so irritable!
    getting lower level to pain helped so much! but before the pain lowered, my pain management doctor did sleep study.
    i didn't think it would show anything as i didn't think i slept  or not well enough. but he found something and was able to help me until my pain levels lowered and allowed better sleep.

    i want to apologize for delay in responding to your discussion.
    we moderators are all volunteers and all have chronic pain and assorted issues. many days we may not be well enough to be on site.
    also, not as another excuse, but we have had some system upgrades making posting difficult.

    please keep us posted on how you are doing!

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forumall new members should take the system tutorial  
    please click on links for helpful information!
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    [edit] what caught my attention to your question is that you said the pain is worse when you lay down.           I'm no dr but my mom had the same issue. But her pain because so bad that Dilaudid only took the pain away for less than 5 minutes.       Unfortunately she was diagnosed with raynolds disease and scleroderma.  They are autoimmune diseases.        I wouldn't have believed the back pain and not being able to lie down would be associated with one of these diseases except I was talking to a guy after my mom had passed away and his wife had scleroderma and she also could not lie down because the pain would become so intense.  I just think it is weird how two completely different people with the same disease have the same problem while trying to lay down.  So my mom hardly got any sleep and if she did it was sitting up.       Maybe you should get checked just to make sure you don't have something like that.    I just wish I knew about chiropractors when my mom was still here so that they could see by adjusting her back if it would help relieve some of her pain.   If you have any of these symptoms please go get checked.   Your hands turn white when your in a could store especially your palms, you have trouble putting your hands in the freezer section because your hands turn white and you begin to have a burning pain in your hands especially when they start warming up.  And scleroderma I believe is where your skin or/and your internal organs basically start turning to leather.   The only reason I'm telling you this is because of the part of the pain while trying to lay down.     Who knows,  maybe the spine has to do with one of those diseases and they might be able to learn more about it because they don't know to much about it but they know more today then they did back when my mom was diagnosed with it many years ago.  RIP mom, 11-2011.

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  • Hi my name is Lee,

    I have herniated discs in my thoracic.

    I would suggest you getting a MRI unless that's what you were talking about with the spine X-ray. If you have a bulging or herniated disc it could cause all those pains. When you lean forward do you lean to one side to get away from the pain?

  • Leyls, did you ever find out the cause of your back pain? I’m having the same exact symptoms as you had. I know it’s been some time since you’ve posted this but I would love to have some kind of clue to what may be going on. Thanks so much, Stehanie

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    You are posting to a very old discussion and the member hasn't been on the forum since 2017 so probably won't reply

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