Extending my lumbar fusion

last year I had l3-s1 fused. I have been having trouble with sciatica pain, and numbness from waist down along with horrible back pain. Had a MRI 3 weeks ago along with an EMG. MRI showed I have 2 severely herniated discs with moderate stenosis and the EMG showed nerve damage. Scheduled to have surgery on May 10th. Can anyone tell me what to expect? I'm only 42 and I'm freaking out a bit. Thanks! 


  • Hi courtlyn.  I had seven vertebrae fused about a year ad a half ago.  I just turned 70.  I'm back on my mountain bike and motorcycle, so from an age perspective I imagine your prospects are excellent.  Of course, you need a good surgeon... 
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    hello courtlyn

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    i also had spine surgery l2-l6 and i was 60. but i was very strict with my recovery. the surgery is one thing, you will be asleep, the recovery is all up to you.

    please join may surgery buddies. there you will find other members that are having surgery too, advice and a lot of support. just go in, introduce yourself and i'll see you there. Please read Spine-health's library of articles. 
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