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Memory trouble abd general lack of motivation after surgery

Hi just wondering if anyone else has had problems with memory or general weariness after a microdiscetomy. I still have some numbness and pain in my left leg but otherwise 100% better. But I can't seem to concentrate on anything much anymore I'm now back at work in an industry I've worked in for years but am forgetting simple things. I'm also still really tired all the time despite doing only 4.5 days. Just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences and any advice to if it's normal or something I should look into further.. thanks 


  • Just a note I'm now off pain meds bar during flair ups. And am nearly 3 months post op. 
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    Hello Istott21

    How long were you in pain before your surgery? In my case, it effected me drastically .
    I have been in chronic pain for years, severe the last couple of years, I've also been seeing a psychologist to help me deal with it. This what I learned from him.

    When you are in pain your mind goes into alert mode. It's always thinking about the pain, when is it going away, when and how bad is it going to get, doctors, meds, tests. So you can't think straight, we call it in a fog.

    Now, when you start feeling better, your mind has to heal too. Give it time. I wrote a discussion about this called Our Minds and pain, if you would like to read it and the responses. it was written on 3-14, go through the threads an you will ind it.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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  • You might also look into possibly having a csf leak. I had a tear in the dura  (lining of the spinal cord). Having that leak has been hard in my memory. I can keep telling myself something walk into a room and it's gone. 
  • Thanks I've had pain on and off for years but was in really bad pain for about 6 months where id say it was a constant on my mind nothing else mattered thing. I had the surgery in the states and Was so happy to be getting the surgery finally even if it wasn't the best circumstances. But as i say my memory and concentration and motivation just jaunt returned to what it used to be my coordination as well. I will definitely have a look at that I keep trying to give it time and telling myself it will improve but definitely hard with work. Thanks for the info. :)
  • Had 10 hours of lumbar fusion surgery (I think 8 vertebrae) about a year and a half ago. 

    1. Pain: I never took heavy pain meds after surgery, that is the opiates they prescribed.  Just extra strength Tylenol, two in morning two at night.  Just felt the heavy stuff clouded my mind and created a "buffer" between me and the real world. 
    2. Exercise, physical and mental the best thing for keeping sharp.  Physical: whatever you can do, but don't just lie around, at least get up and walk, anything -- the mind is the brain and the brain needs circulation to stay sharp.  Mental: even a game like "Free Cell" or computer chess.  Anything that stimulates the mind.  Magazines like "Scientific American", anything that's not just passive. Good luck with TV... maybe a math channel designed for school kids?  Anything that forces you to "get" a concept. 
    3. Do NOT fixate on pain.  Pain is not a "bad" thing.  It's your body reminding you that you're alive. 

    Keep mentally and physically active. 
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