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hi! im heavenly and i saw my ns about a month ago and i see a ortho surgon/pain management doctor in my is there anything i should or shouldnt do? i have MRI in dec and surgery last may i lad a /l4/l5 and l5/s1 that had been fixed anyways the second disc ibad enough for surgery i dont know how i hernisted both discs but right now i have right leg pain and back pain and im really nervous to see he PM doc the last one i saw was not one ill ever go to again! any suggestions?


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    maybe i missed something but i'm not quite understanding your questions or concerns.
    let's see if we cn mke sense out of this.
    1. do you have an appointment with an ortho surgeon or pain management?
    2. are you saying you will have to have surgery again?
    let me know some answers and we'll help you out if we can.

    i know you've been on here a lot and we appreciate it. but have you ever taken the system tutorial? this would help you navigate through the spine health site.
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    1. the doctor is a ortho surgon AND pain management specilest
    2. i am not 100% sure i hope not but i hope they let me have sedaton for whatever injection they do

    my l4-l5 is slightly herniated which my NS says might be causing irratation on my nerve in my right leg but it should not hurt as bad as it does its like a dull pain when i get up or stand in one place for too long also fell a couple times between my last mri and my doc appt in march
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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,773

    Do you know what kind of injection you will be getting?
    There are different kinds that they can do. I have a lot done in my PM doctor's office and some he has had to do in a surgical room. The area will be numbed. Make sure you ask a lot of questions especially what to do and not do after these injections.

    Keep us posted.
  • okay i will i dont know what kind of injection i am having a consult taking my MRI with me

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