PCDF C3 to T1 - would YOU do it again?

I'm a 70 y.o. Male with fairly severe cervical stenosis. Two excellent surgeons propose extensive decompression and fusion. HERE'S THE QUESTION...if you had a similar surgery, would you go through it again or live with the pain you were having? My pain level is moderate but I do have some progressive numbness in my left hand and a little trouble lifting with the left arm. Previously, I've experienced sudden shocks that stopped me in my tracks. Now I am seeing blogs and comments from folks who seem far worse after the surgery than they were before. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR SOMETHING POSITIVE.


  • if you can check out piperbill posts.  i had occiput? to C7  same sort of symptoms, sometimes felt electrocuted if i sneezed,  long story short, am pain free, and would do it all again.  most of the   i was experiencing are gone as well as the pain, in my case i have no range of motion but figured out how to continue, im a 70 year old power plant mechanic. first couple of months after surgery were a bit rough but temporary so got past it and am living a very nice life. your journey is yours but you are not alone and i wish you success and well being. take care piperbill
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    hello skookumguy

    even though i have spinal stenosis i have never been a candidate for surgery. but, having said that, i have had spinal surgery twice. would i have it again to get me out of pain, yes. i always tell people, on the internet you will only read the bad horrid stories about surgery. they very rarely come back on and give the good positive news.

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