Flying after L4-S1 Spinal Fusion

Hi, I had my operation 14 days ago and have been offered a short break in Spain (18days post op). This will include a 2 hour flight. I am in my early 40's and have no other health worries - what are the reasons not to fly? 


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    hi thorpe43

    how do you feel? are you in pain? have you tried sitting at home for 2 hrs? maybe even walking and standing the amount of time that you will in the airport. other than that, it's up to you. just don't raise your arms over your head, pick anything up or bend over.

    other than that, go have fun, you deserve it!!

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  • Thanks for your help. Tomorrow is my final day on holiday and I feel elated. The sun has definitely helped, 2 hourly mess are now 3 times a day and I have walked further each day
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