Question for fellow post op ACDF ...

I am 4 weeks post op from 2 level ACDF.
While I know everyone heals differently, I have to admit I am getting frustrated at where I am, and where I read others are.
One thing in particular that concerns me is when I wake up. Everyday when I wake up- regardless of where I slept (recliner, couch, bed)- I am in PAIN.
Throbbing pain at base of neck, pain across top of shoulders, burning pain down each arm into each bicep, and finally numbness in left hand. 
Compared to pre surgery -the pain now is different, and worse. Numbness is present but improved.
It takes me a good hour to get going in the morning because of this pain, and I have to take pain meds to help alleviate these symptoms or else I will end up just sitting in recliner all day. Sometimes I am even throwing ice packs on.
I am walking daily and doing hand excersises- that's it. Not ordered anything else at this time. I am resting, really taking it easy.
Anyone else like this? Should I be calling my surgeon? I go back in a few weeks...
Sorry if I am just being a worry-wart.



  • georgejonesggeorgejones Santa Rosa Beach, FlPosts: 24
    Have you had a follow up x-ray? I had one at 4 weeks that showed everything in place which at least gives you some peace of mind. I would definitely put in a call to my surgeon.
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,406
    I agree with georgejones, call your surgeon.
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  • rae1112rae1112 Michigan Posts: 140
    My pain was much better between week  4 and 5 but the last few days I feel like I've gone backwards and the pain has gotten worse.  
    I agree with the others that it never hurts to call your dr and let them know what's going on. 
  • Hi Daisy

    I had two level acdf also.  I am about five months out.  It hurts at one month out, no doubt about it.  You are still early.  Nothing unusual I am hearing from you.  In a perfect world everybody heals and gets better.  Wish it were true.  At the end of my second month I was feeling better.  Not to scare you but at the end of my third month I was heading in the wrong direction.  At four months I was calling surgeon, pain management and neurologist.  Now I hurt everyday and wish I had not had surgery. 

    There are plenty of good outcomes from surgery.  I still take the same meds as pre-op.  I hope that someday I will feel better than now.  Try to relax, speak with surgeon and as many others as you can.  I do believe some surgeons sugar coat their procedures by saying all my other patients are fine.  If you need more specific info let me know.


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