5 months post op and the flu

Hey everybody. I had a Micro-D on my L4/L5. Since surgery I've been feeling better every day minus a couple set backs. Writing this post in case any of you catch the flu this flue season as it's pretty common in my area. Everybody seems to be sick. 2 weeks ago I started feeling terrible lower back pain to the point where I couldn't sit or walk I could only lay down. I immediately panicked at the thought of re-herniating and another surgery especially because I'm about to go into bar prep. Two days after the back symptoms came I got a full blown flu that lasted for 3 days and pretty bad cough that I still kind of have residuals of 2 weeks later. Every time I would cough I would feel horrible pains in my surgical site and  as this is a symptom of a bulged disc I was really worried. I ended up going to my Dr. who said it's not uncommon for those with lower back nerve problems to feel the flu in the lower back because the body responds to the flu with inflammation. I also wasn't feeling the pain radiating down my leg so that made me feel hopeful it was the flu and not time for another surgery. Today I have little flu symptoms and little back pain. I got back to my walking today for the first time and did two miles. As my flu symptoms have subsided so have my back pains near my surgical site. Writing this in case anybody has the same thing happen, don't be afraid it's just where you're feeling the flu!


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    Thank you so much for the information. I will definitely keep this one for future reference.
    Good luck on your bar prep!!

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