My experience with using Kratom for back pain

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Hey all,

I made this account to share with you all something. I have lurked on this site for help with my back pain for quite some time. I was injuried in the army a few times which left me with three herniated discs in my lower back, loss of feeling in parts of both hands with pain, and a few other injuries but I won't ramble on. 

At at the age of 25 I have tried so many different avenues for pain management with no help. I had to stop playing hockey, give up mountain climbing, but most importantly my quality of life had never been so low. I was prescribed tramadol at first but now we're up to the big guns using Vicodin and other similar drugs to help during the more excruciating times (I don't use every day). These drugs would mask the pain but I still wasn't able to do any activities I used to enjoy (without the help of prednisone for a week and a pain killer). 

I got on here to let you all know about my experience with kratom. I know what it's like living with back pain. It's miserable, it is the worst thing to deal with and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. A month or so back I found out about a supplement (some call an alternative medicine, some call a drug) called kratom. I heard of all the claims that it helped with pain and other various things. I decided to try kratom after TONS of research. I ordered from an online website that the big time users on forums talked about (don't purchase from a head shop). I used Bali kratom and took 5g of it. It was by far the greatest aid in relieving my pain. I haven't taken a single painkiller since I found kratom. I don't use it everyday because I understand it is a plant/drug with little research done. I just wanted to share that it has restored my overall quality of life. I have no pain, I hike more often, plain and simply my quality of life has drastically improved so much. I am meeting with my doctor later in the month about a surgery for my back and will communicate with him about utilizing kratom for pain. 

Again, I don't recommend it due to the lack of knowledge and I don't know all the side effects that it could impose, just wanted to share my experience. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps somebody out. 
(Sorry if I posted in the wrong area)


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    Reminder.....what may be effective for one person may be harmful to another.
    Please always make sure your doctor is aware of all medications, even OTC, that you are taking.

    Thank you.......
  • You are exactly right Sue, I spoke with my doctor and told him everything, also been keeping a log!
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  • Thank you very much for sharing this information. It helps to know there "may" be something that could help with chronic pain. My husband is being cut off his pain medications of 12 years due to new "guidelines".  We are researching supplements that might help him.

  • Hi Jcroop.  I have also used Kratom (Green Bali and Green Elephant varieties) for my sciatic nerve pain and my experience has been very similar to yours.  I truly hope that more clinical research will be conducted
    on this compound as to it’s analgesic effects. There have been a few studies on mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are the two active constituents in Kratom that have proposed analgesic effects. 

  • Thank you, Jcroop, I also feel encouraged by your post!  Hope you get back to all the fun you were having

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  • Yes! Kratom is a life saver. It's the only thing keeping me working. There are negative side effects, as with everything, but everyone should properly educated themselves and weigh it out with the positives. Maeng Da is my favorite, it gives me a nice energy boost and supposedly has the most pain relieving qualities.

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    There are some big kratom forums which is the place to go to learn about it and find out which are the reputable places to buy it.  If you can't find them msg. me and I'll send you the links.  Many people swear by kratom as a lifesaver from pain.  I've only tried it a little in very small quantities with indeterminate results.  

  • Kratom does help with pain, but it takes quite a bit of the stuff to be effective. Also the drawbacks are that it does cause upset, and availability. Like others have said it is not seen as a medication, that is good in that it is not regulated out of availability by the feds. That does not mean your state will make it not available. Also it takes the edge off of pain, and makes life better. However we have a government that sees any possibility of addiction or abuse as more important to worry about than the quality of life of people with chronic pain, even if it means forcing people to drug dealers to get relief from pain.

  • I forgot to also add that from all the info that is available on Kratom, the most likely things are problems in the digestive tract. When compairing it to what is available in pill form over the counter it is safer than Tylenol, and just about every thing else that is said to be effective for minor pain. There are not any reports that I have found saying that it could possibly cause liver or kidney failure. That alone compared to other things for pain make it a very good choice, and as such the biggest worry is that it would be outlawed because it helps people, does not cause life threatening problems, and cuts into some of the insane profits that some drug makers get on some medications.

    However if one or more of these drug companies were to use their brains at some point they would make standardized extracts to sell and help people.

  • Hi J!

    I am a chronic back pain sufferer and I know what you mean... I am new to Kratom and have not found yet the right strain and dosage. Could you please share what kind and quantity of Kratom helped with your pain? Thanks!


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