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should i gain weight?

right now im 25, 6'3 and weight 154. i have herniated disc l4-5 and s1. i look very skinny and have a bit of muscle, but currently i CAN't workout. just do daily walks. but I'm even constipated because i lack appetite. i do eat healthy, i try to get atleast 2,000 daily(i don't know if this is a lot for a guy like me) , but i do like 3-4 hours of walking daily and probably nothing else. should i gain weight maybe to get a bit of bf up and protect my disc? i want to know how many calories i need to maintain my weight, but its so hard -.- 

also, which foods you guys recommend for anti-inflammatory thanks


  • thanks mem! i will look the sites for sure~ 

    to itsautonomic. hello! well before the herniated disc, I was a bodybuilder and weighted 180, but when I herniated the disc i went into depression and basically lost appetite and ended up here. Im no skinny fat, but i did lost a lot of muscle. currently im 3 months after herniated disc. no sign on sciatic nerve pain (already did emg and was negative) and im not taking meds since it doesnt even hurt right now. but since im scared to make it worse im doing nothing except walking to stay active. i tried stretching piriformis, hams, glutes, and all i do is hurt myself by flaring it up. i tried plank and i flare it up. so i decided pt to teach me how to do them correctly (i went today for my first pt but was massage, electric stuff, but no exercises). do you think 2000 calories for our weight, height is low to maintain weight? im thinking of just upping calories to try and maintain a healthy life. currently at 2000 i feel like cold, no energy, sleepy and constipated. but all i see online is people who are extremely active, exercise 5-6 times a week and maintaining at 2200-2300 and well im not even active and maintain at 2000? it seems like too much because of that. every tdee calculator says i maintain at 2300 even sedentary. i just want to get to my before activitys and actually be able to lift weights again. and i think eating at a deficit might not help on recovery. 
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