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my back pain has been on and off for years but in nov of 2015 i was walking up stairs with a slightly heavy box when i got to the top of the staircase and if felt like i got shot in the back i was in major pain i could handle that but as  the months went on in late dec i think i started getting leg pain in the left leg i though nothing of it at first maybe i slept on it wrong or somthing i went back to the doctors and my primary doctor sent me for an MRI and sent me to a pain management doctor when i saw that PM doc i thought he was vary unprofessiona and i told him i have anxiety and said he could perscribe a Xanax to calm me before an injection i said i would consider it THEN he told me i have two herniated discs i went home and i talked to my family and we agreed to call down to a neurosurgon for a second opinion he did a surgery on my mom a few years back so i knew i was in good hands i took my MRI CD to that appotiment and he pointed out that one of the two discs was severely herniated and was possibly going to paralyze me so the following week i had surgery after one visit and going to preadmission things went well for a few months

last augest i went to a theme park with my family i was in any pain no thoughts on my back that day  i rode on a rollercoaster (my first steel one) and bumper cars then the pain returned on and off i volenteer weekly and as of late is been painful to stand for long i noticed it was going down my right leg i called  my surgon he said lets try pt  that made it worse went  back again had an MRI set up last Dec and review was nothing changed but WHY was in pain? could it have been the cold weather? now theres a been a few times i lost my balance and fell and i slipped on the porch staircase and the pains been worse since then but its on and off so in march my surgon said an injection might help i did my homework and my pain management doctor is also a orthopedic spine surgon so im hoping he will help thats about it for my story

now on to questions:is it possible the right leg nerve pain is from the herniated disc getting worse?(between my last mri and now?} will i need to undergo another surgery in the future? should i stay active even when it hurts or will it cause more damage? {i like being outdoors} my left leg hurts somtimes is that normal nerve healing?

i guess thats it for now


  • also i feel like there is a small lump where my insision is its vary annoying that i cannot lay on my back
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    Sorry, but I need to clear a few things up that I might have misunderstood.
    When and for what did you have surgery?
    Did you get the injection in March and where?
     You are the only one that knows what you are or not capable of doing. 

    You need to have the lump looked at by your surgeon.

    Please keep us posted.

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  • i had surgery may 6th of last year and i havent had an injection yet they keep making appointment changes due to the doctors going out of town so im now going may 1st hoping it dosent have to be changed again
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    Does your doctor know you are having all these problems? What area did you have surgery (i.e. L4 L5) and why?
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    the area i had surgery was L5/S1 and i had a really bad herniated disc and the lump apperd about a week ago when the pain got really back today is a OK day just hope i have more days like this also right now i have a dull ache in my lower leg this might be nerves?(right leg)
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  • Trying ice at the moment not sure how I like it
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    But you have to try. We try a lot of different things to help ourselves, doctors don't know our bodies like we do.
    That's why I sent you links to articles to read, to help yourself
    Try an ice pack, wait about 15 min. then apply heat, 15 min then ice. See if that helps.
  • Ice just makes it hurt worse but heat and pain meds)l
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    Great!! you found something that helps.
  • Yeah it's just when I stand up it hurts for like a minute but then it subsides down to like a 5 from 10 when I stand up i do get up and walk and stuff  it's been rainy and wet it's worse then on a nice warm day I noticed when the insision is touched it just makes the pain wild to like past 10 so is this a sign of renhernation?
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    When was the last time you saw your doctor?
    You had surgery last May and your incision should be healed.
    You need to see your doctor about all of these issues.
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    i dont see the orthopedic pain management/surgon untill may 1st i last saw my doctor somtime in early Marc but all of this pain is getting to me and I'm just really overwhelmed with this stuff and I just want answers or help whichever comes first
  • im just worried about how almost a year post surgery when you touch the insision under the skin hurts(like whatevers under the skin) somthings not right
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    The pain is worse today (back pain)when I get up from sitting to stand up on a scale on one to ten it's about a nine but I have 9 days untill I see the orthopedic pain specialist I have so many questions I'm afraid I'll forget them all
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    Start writing them down.
    Go back on here through all of our discussions and all of your other post you have made. It's easy, go to the top right of the page and you will see My Discussions. Start there. Then look at Comments. 
    Any symptom you have asked about on here you can find and write down.
  • okay thanks!
  • my mom just for me a seat thing for my back

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    I was wondering, how old you were when you started having back issues? Have they ever figured out what caused it?
  • It started in 2015 when I was just walking up the stairs with a box when I got to the top  but I've had it on and off for years due to an allergic reaction that was a skin rash I also have a mild case of cerebral palsy so could that be a factor?
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    I also had two herniated discs p4/l5 and. L5/s1 which that second segment had been oprated on but right now then pains so bad I can't lay down  and only in the back just little shocks in the peg
    now and then
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    I'm sorry, but I'm not understanding something here. Let's number them and you answer them back by number, one at a time. But please answer the question completely.
    1. Have you started making notes of questions and concerns for your doctor?
    2. When you were walking up the stairs with a box, what happened?
    3. What have you had for years due to a skin rash?
    4. Cerebral palsy - how long ago were you diagnosed with it?

    Hopefully you will get some relief soon.

  • 1. Yes I have 
    2.i was just walking up the stairs normally like anyone else 
    3.theb rash is gone and I don't think it is related to my current problems
    4. I was diagnosed at birth  due to a premature birth 
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,459

    Thank you for the reply. This is all still a mystery and only your doctor can help you.
    Keep making notes every day and be patient.
  • can i make notes on my thread?
  • So yesterday I went out with a family member and stood most of the day the bleachers had kids bouncing up and down so that was a no go so I stayed back in The pits all they had an trailer that my family members friend put their cars on but that also was uncomfortable other then that I got sunburn on half my neck I'm really feeling the pain today 
  •  Hi Heavenlyrae, sometimes the pain can come back months after surgery. It's not uncommon at all. Every time you go through surgery you develop scar tissue. This is also true in the spine. It becomes a problem when scar tissue grows on a nerve root, causing leg or arm pain to return. It would be good to look into this as a possible cause. It happened to me after a fusion on L4-S1. I hope all goes well at your next appt.
  • Okay but what is the correction of the scar tissue? And it's my right leg having problems not my left that was having the main problem when I had my first surgery it's the right and my l4/5 has a slight herniation  pressing on the right leg and like I was saying light pressure to the insision hurts and it shouldn't a year later this is all confusing but I'll get answers soon
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    I guess today Is a bad say back pain is like an 8-10 leg pain is 0-1 don't understand what's going on .....still getting out and walking and resting it's just a bit more painful today 
  • It dosent bother me I'd rather people read and give feedback on the notes see if they can relate or not
  • not too bad today maybe 3-5 just  a little discomfort not too bad had shocks going down my right leg last night that was alarming work toinight so we will see how that goes im kind of nervous for monday but its okay i got this!
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