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    since so may people lately are having nerve issues, ron posted a web link this morning regarding this. i didn't know if you saw it so i'm sending it to. it's very interesting.

    sciatica treatment
  • Thanks I'll have a read before bed 
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    the surgical site it like a lump not just a little bump will definitely tell the doctor also last night I rolled over and was on extreme pain when I laid on my right side and my left leg hurt slightly so gonna try and enjoy my day have plans to go out tonight so hopefully I'll have a enjoyable night
  • Last night I went to the races and enjoyed myself climbing the bleachers and getting on and off then was kind of scary I thought I was gonna fall didn't get home untill after midnight took pain meds and slept till 11am did some walking around the spectacular area every little bit stood up on the bleachers to stretch my back love love loved the ride home where I could rest my back pain was at a 4-5 today about the same  so heating pad and walking every little bit is my day after tomarrow i see the ortho surgeon to get answers I just got to remember my paperwork needs to be filled out one quest should I take my MRI copy?
  • HeavenlyraeHHeavenlyrae Posts: 549
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    i have a milk care of cerebal palsy because of premature birth and the neurosurgon says its not effecting my spine but im planning on asking the pain doc just as a percaution i to trust my NS but maybe the ortho has more insight or a diffrent opinion my mom will be going with me to help fill out paperwork as i cannot write well i  hope i dont need more testing done but if i do i do but as my best friend of many years has  saiid  it could save my life though i doubt that its anything life threatning but hes just looking out for me 

    anyways i have to arrive a half hour before the appotiment to fill out paperwork and all that fun stuff will update soon im nervous about seeing a new doctor but my NS said hes vary good and suggested him to me for an injection keeping my head held high and spirits up 
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  • On the way home from the pain doctor im having an injection the nurse is going to set up all the pre admission testing as I will be sedated love my PM had a bit of a wait but that's okay I have good care and happy with the staff and excited to receive care from the offiice ps im not driving 
  • PM wants me to go on gabapentin had to clear with my psychologist so now gotta wait untill I can call then PM office this is just a pain but well worth it
  • Started gabapentin last night I feel a tiny bit better but eventually I'll be in it 100mg 3x a day injection was moved to June 16th so it's only the Friday after the original date that's about all 
  • Today is touch and go back pains about a 5-7 leg is 1-3 yesterday I walked around a lot one day at a time
  • Got up and around and folded my clothes pain is at a 0-2 right now taking it easy on gabapentin 100mg 3x a day worked out a med routine I still am having the injection but since I started gabapentin I feel back to my old self before I had back problems still waiting on the PM docs nurse to call with set up with pre admission hopefully in my hometown(office I'm going to is an hour away) since for my first injection I'm being sedated and as I get to know my doctor we will not do sedation but I have anxiety problems so I tend to panic but all is well today
  • thank you im just worried ill get too nervous and chicken out my Injection is june 26th the date keeps being changed between mine and docs secdueles i changed then he changed haha
  • Today leg pain and back pain are 7-10 it's vary uncomfortable but also it's a rainy wet day and they effects the body I could just feel it when I woke up and low and behold when I let my dog out it was wet and cold but I have my heating pad kindle and a blanket to keep my leg warm which 100% helps I find my body being warm helps when it hurts when I was in the hospital after surgery I think I had 3 blankets on but anyways that's today's update 
  • Last night I had I had ALOT of back pain it felt like a 12 on pain scale still in pain this morning might be taking ibuprofen when I lay back down to see if it helps won't take my other meds till later will update later if I feel better
  • update: i am feeling good a little leg pain it is weird when the weather is really hot or cold or if its rainy and damp my back and leg hurts worse is this normal or am i just an oddball out?
  • Oh gosh I'm sorry but yeah hot: and cold weather bother me and sadly I have to go down to where I'm getting my injection to have pre admission testing done so that's a trip down then I have to see my doctors PA for the ok for sedation but that's right in town so no sweat there but yeah my back feels like it's on fire and I don't dare put my heating pad on it
  • getting up this morning i was fine now recently i feel my legs are weak and im not sure why im not in any pain and i am using the ladies room alot should i call a doctor or just keep an eye on it over the weekend to see if it goes away/improves?
  • like my sister was telling me theres nothing they can do untill i have my injection which is a little over a month away hoping i can deal with this stuff
  • Woke up at about 6am i am in ALOT of pain took to ibprofin to take the edge off taking my gabapentin soon so I hope things get better throughout the day but it probally won't I'm kind of losing hope.....
  • maybe but it felt as bad as before  my left leg had surgery i honestly  thought i would never feel that pain again im just lost but yes i have to keep my hope up thank you :) i took my gabapentin and im feeling a little better after a shower
  • yes it is! i just wish i was young again and didnt have this pain i get so sad 
  • So was working last night and my leg gave out luckily there was a chair by me happens to be the leg I have problems and I'm really feeling it today the pain after I got home was past a 10 couldn't get to sleepi well and I took my nightly meds and advil I hope I can feel better soon 31 days untill injection the countdown begins
  • Haven't updated but it's been up and down I've been hurting more after working right now my foot feels like it's fallen asleep not much to update probally will make a new discussion based off this one for readers so all information is collected have a good one all :)
  • Somthing new today my foot fell asleep and the falling asleep is going up my leg
  • its gone away but i had a rough day and it was painful but the falling alseep episode is gone pre admission testing in next friday still not feeling myself when i dont have much i feel like the good ol rae but when i have bad days like today and yesterday i feel 25 years older then i really am (25)
  • not feeling any better today just the other day i was in tears i was like will this ever go away? i probally wont but keeping my spirits up hoping i can get a goond management plan the gabapention helps i so wish i could walk like i used to but i dont want the pain after i just feel like im losing hope
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    when it rains it storms at least how i feel it is a cold rainy day here in NY and im feeling it nerve wise i think its gonna be a new norm for me if injections dont work injections are my last option my disc isnt bad enough to have surgery on it and the left leg im really hoping that its just nerve healing and not a reherniation but keeping heat on my back and legs warm helps i have a recliner so it feels good to have my feet up and relaxed 
  • i doubt the Gabapentin is really working will be calling the doctors later to see what we can do about that i do still use a blanket and heating pad which helps i prefer warm days as it dosent hurt as much but on rainy cold days it sucks i am at a loss on what to do i do not want opioids if i can help it because of all the dangers of it and it is a bad combo with other medications so what do i do?
  • Severe pain called my surgeon hoping I can get help
  • surgon called back set me up for a early am appt but im going to see if they can give me a later time 9:15 is to darn early for for  an hours drive then asked me even on the voice mail right now it trying to figure out  things with them
  • HeavenlyraeHHeavenlyrae Posts: 549
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    today is a 3-5 pain scale i feel better then i had the past two days but ill have ups and downs seeing the NS next thurs pre admission testing friday clearence appt tues oh my its a cluster of seeing doctors 
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