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  • decided to cancel the NS appt and just go with the injection and  see where that goes if it work it works if it dosent well figure out what to do from there pre op appointment tomorrow preadmissions went well had an EKG and normal vitals taken in 2 week i will be going to the amblutory  surgery center for injection as much as i am scared im ready to rock and roll
  • so today the pain is not noticable i got a call from my PM doc office his nurse says the arrival time were looking at is 8:45 am and we live an hour away so its gonna be a long trip expically that its during mornng traffic hours the travel is worth it i will not let the local PM doc touch me hes horrible he is how i found out i had two (now one) herniated discs by paperwork so excited/nervous for injrction
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  • heatng pad and blanket kind of day my legs are boothering me and i am at a loss 2-3 days of good warm weather i get  up this morning my legs and back hurt and im bummed......
  • 8:32 pm the sciatica pain is beyond a ten I took two ibuprofen and I can't get off the couch going to take the rest of my meds soon 26th hurry up!!!
  • still beyond a 10 but still doing what i need to do 10 days utill injection gabapentin isnt working well heating pad is somewhat wondering if i should call the DR to see if i can get somthing else for the pain what do you guys think?
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  • im going to leave a meressage whe the doc reopens after lunch
  • So I called my pain management doctor and he said he needed the okay from my psychiatrist to give me pains meds as he does not know what to give me that is safe so i called my doctor and he said I can take norco with my meds which includes klonopin and I looked up the interactions and what I found is it is not safe to take them together BUT my god nephew psych doc says it's okay so I don't know what to do but I trust my doctor I'm just confused now
  • so its been a couple years since this has been updated so...

    ive had several injection types and trips to pain magement and i can say i have new problems i even had a 2nd opinion 

    im 2 days from a MRI my last one was in 2017 and the PA i have seen offered alternitive medicine CBD oil or accupunture 

    she listend to me and my conserns and she orderd the MRI and a back brace for help she commented that i have a great relationship with my psychcririst

    my pain level is between 6-10 when i have days i volenteer its worse but even at a high level i HAVE to keep going i have no option im too young to have this pain i JUST turned 27 

    the diffrence between this post and the last is i was seeing a NP and not a PA or the doctor the PA is conserned and said a MRI and seeing the neurosurgon wouldnt hurt because she think theres problems at a new level as i have what i had in my left leg i now have in my right leg i always keep in my mind that deep inside is a warrior that isnt afraid of anything because thats true 

    my current digsnosis is DDD and Spinal Stenosis

  • Hey everyone just a quick update....i have thoracic spine pain Now i saw a new Primary doctor who wants to help me out he asked he had all my MRI reports to him so he can help in any way he can

    My Pain managemt team ordered a MRI for my Thoracic spine with Xrays im still keeping on

    But how much more can i take? Its to the point a shower is more like a chore then somthing to just enjoy and laying down at night is painful because of my ribs being painful when i lay down

    I am trying to keep faith and somtimes i feel like its not worth it But it truely is

  • so its been  avary long time since i have updated this 12 days out from turning 28 i have been dealing with alot lately in summary

    ive had a thoratic spine MRI and started injections again and they worked as they are going into the muscle and theyre rubbed out i have a set of doctors who want to work together dispite not being in eachothers network but my new pcp asked me to keep them in the loop as far as pain management and ive been through aquatherephy and its worked well so far so good our goal is to keep the pain at a stable level and preserve my spine 

    as always its a two steps foreward one step back but were dead set on staying away from surgery because of my age and the fact o have not had any serious complications id say i am doing well! 

    have a good low pain day people! <3

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