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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,489
    I'm sorry, but I'm not understanding something here. Let's number them and you answer them back by number, one at a time. But please answer the question completely.
    1. Have you started making notes of questions and concerns for your doctor?
    2. When you were walking up the stairs with a box, what happened?
    3. What have you had for years due to a skin rash?
    4. Cerebral palsy - how long ago were you diagnosed with it?

    Hopefully you will get some relief soon.

  • 1. Yes I have 
    2.i was just walking up the stairs normally like anyone else 
    3.theb rash is gone and I don't think it is related to my current problems
    4. I was diagnosed at birth  due to a premature birth 
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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,489

    Thank you for the reply. This is all still a mystery and only your doctor can help you.
    Keep making notes every day and be patient.
  • can i make notes on my thread?
  • So yesterday I went out with a family member and stood most of the day the bleachers had kids bouncing up and down so that was a no go so I stayed back in The pits all they had an trailer that my family members friend put their cars on but that also was uncomfortable other then that I got sunburn on half my neck I'm really feeling the pain today 
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  •  Hi Heavenlyrae, sometimes the pain can come back months after surgery. It's not uncommon at all. Every time you go through surgery you develop scar tissue. This is also true in the spine. It becomes a problem when scar tissue grows on a nerve root, causing leg or arm pain to return. It would be good to look into this as a possible cause. It happened to me after a fusion on L4-S1. I hope all goes well at your next appt.
  • Okay but what is the correction of the scar tissue? And it's my right leg having problems not my left that was having the main problem when I had my first surgery it's the right and my l4/5 has a slight herniation  pressing on the right leg and like I was saying light pressure to the insision hurts and it shouldn't a year later this is all confusing but I'll get answers soon
  • HeavenlyraeHHeavenlyrae Posts: 551
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    I guess today Is a bad say back pain is like an 8-10 leg pain is 0-1 don't understand what's going on .....still getting out and walking and resting it's just a bit more painful today 
  • It dosent bother me I'd rather people read and give feedback on the notes see if they can relate or not
  • not too bad today maybe 3-5 just  a little discomfort not too bad had shocks going down my right leg last night that was alarming work toinight so we will see how that goes im kind of nervous for monday but its okay i got this!
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