Leg length discrepancy after fusion

Before having my surgery, my hips were uneven and one leg appeared longer.  I had a 57 degree left curve. I had t4 to l5 guessed March 9. For the first 3 weeks out seems like I was very symmetrical in the waist and my legs seemed to be the same. 
After 3 weeks I notice my right side seems curvier and my right leg is definitely longer I can feel it when I stand, or try to stand straight. 
Anyone else experienced this?
Why would this happen? I'm worried I caused something to move somehow or the surgery failed. 



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Curious what your doctor has said about your situation.

    I for one, am very interested to follow your discussion and see how things develop and any explanations from doctor.
    Take good care!
  • rae1112rae1112 Michigan Posts: 140
    I went on April 21 for my 6 week appt and I asked him about this and he said i am a little off but he isn't worried and he did his best to get my spine straight but the goal isn't to be perfectly straight it's to stop the progression.

    On my xray you can see the bottom of my spine curves at a slight angle still out to the left and down toward the right.
    However when he showed me the xray he said
    My hips and shoulders look even. He said it come still even or more and could be affected by swelling too.
    Its strange idk. But some days it feels worse than others,  and that also seems strange. 
    I wanted to upload my xray but the site won't let me change my picture. 
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    I have not been a candidate for spinal I can't speak to surgical experience....
    Although, from other members and medical side of site, it seems you are still very early in your recovery and hopefully, , you will feel better sooner rather than later.

    And i do understand the feelings of ...why can things be so different from day to day?
    My gait is only one example.
    With my spine and pain gait can be not only different day to day, but within same day, hour to hour .

    If I intentionally try, I can not pose my body into some of the positions it takes for me to get around.
    I may be walking and leaning so far to the right, I look like I'm trying to ..fold...myself.
    Then, and often same day, I'm walking leaning backwards far that I can't believe I'm not on the floor.
    My gait can be in just about any position...and of course I look forward to those more than upright days.

    When i use my cane, my gait does improve for a time and can be less noticeable ......however, before long, I've returned to the natural different bending. At that time, I need to sit or preferably lie down. 

    I understand your frustration.
  • rae1112rae1112 Michigan Posts: 140
    Yes it is frustrating. I definitely look more straight but I'm thinking sheesh I went through this really painful surgery I was hoping at least the leg length and uneven waist would have been resolved. It does look much much better and like you said it's early and will likely still change.

     I'm actually pretty happy with my waist because with my tilted pelvis before surgery and it worsening quickly one hip stuck way out.
    I guess it's me freaking out worrying it'll come back worse after going through all this.

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