Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Hi all,

  I came across an article yesterday that was an "ah ha" moment for me.  About three months after my surgery (2007), I started getting a new pain, actually worse than what I had prior to surgery.  This article states that they (doctors) feel that between 3-6 months post-op, problems can arise from inflammatory healing.  Essentially, the doctors feel that fibrotic tissue develops in the epidural space around decompressed nerves. 

  If you have FBSS, I'd recommend you read the article.  It is "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: Pain that persists after surgery in a subset of patients".  It's authored by Marc Russo.  It's a good primer for things to come for those that have it.




  • For most folks that have had surgery for a while, they may have heard that "scar tissue doesn't cause pain".  This article debunks that!  I'm glad that the medical world has acknowledged what a bunch of people have thought for a long time.
  • If you have had ANY of these symptoms following Spinal Surgery or any other implant.  it was 3 weeks ago or 3 years ago.Please message me your story...
    Blurred vision in one or both eyes,NO energy,feeling sick,numbness ,RASH or REDNESS around the surgical site or anywhere on your body that can come and go.
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