TASER interfereance with SCS implant? Curious...

Does anyone know or have information about what would happen if someone with an SCS implant was Tased in the back or abdomen by police? The chances of this happening on the street involuntarily are slim to none- however if I want to go through a law enforcement academy I may have to experience this. I am also curious as to what would happen if someone was tased while their SCS was on? Any information would be appreciated. 


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688
    I believe the taser would destroy the scs. I have 2 tens units and docs say I can't use them since I got a perm scs. 
  • It may destroy the equipment but could it cause death? That's what I'm wondering also. No studies have been done for neuromodulation and Taser use and I'm really curious to get some scientific info on the topic also for a paper I am writing. I also wonder because I have considered going through a police academy and likely would not be able to participate in the Taser portion of training. 
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