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Lower Back Surgery caused belly bulge

A few years ago I had lower back surgery to fuse two discs.  The surgery went well in relieving a ton a pain.  One side affect from the surgery has been the emergence of what appears to be belly fat.  I was very active prior to surgery - 6 feet 2 and about 200 lbs.  I did have some belly fat but not as much as after the lower back surgery.  One of the things I had in my mind about the surgery was that I wouldn't eat for a couple of days and that I would lose weight.  That did not happen and was a surprise to me.

More context to my surgery, the surgeon entered my stomach and my back to perform the fusion.  So, my stomach was opened up.  I asked my surgeon about this afterwards and he did tell me that when you open up your stomach, air gets in and can be trapped.  Fast forward 3 years, my stomach has not returned to pre-surgery appearance.  This 'bulge' drives me crazy.  I'm eating mostly carrots and no bread and I can't for the life of me lose this fat roll.  I exercise like crazy too.

Has anyone else experienced what I have experienced?  Have you found a way to get rid of the bulge that has occurred as a result of the surgery?


  • Hi I just saw this post. Yes I do have an abdominal buldge, more so on the right side, so do other members on this site. I had spinal fusion T4 to pelvic on 5/21/18. Since then I am so careful of what I eat and have been trying to do abdominal exercises as best as I can while standing up. Nothing at all is helping, none of my jeans, slacks, fit in the waist anymore. My next appt with with surgeon is in Dec, will ask him again. But at past appts he assures me the surgery had nothing to do with my abdomen bulge. I even had a CT scan with and without contrast, it was normal. But I know something is not right, my stomach was not like this before surgery.

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