Expectations after implantation

Next week I'm getting my trial for a SCS.  First, what are the limitations for behaviors during the trial?  Secondly, what are the restrictions after the implantation?  I had spinal cord damage in my neck in 2015 and had a fusion and laminectomies at C-7.  My legs and feet were affected.  My feet/toes are numb and my legs "feel" tight all the time especially when I exercise.  Apparently my legs aren't "really" tight but they feel tight and limit my ability to exercise.  It can be very painful.

 Secondly my lower back is a mess.  I don't want to have back surgery because it seems to make people worse.  I'm wondering if my back pain and leg discomfort will both be helped by a SCS.  I guess I'll find out with the trial session.  No doctor has fully explained my nerve problem in my legs and feet.



  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688
    Your scs rep and your doc will explain the limitations when they install the trial. Hope it works out for you. Love my scs. 
  • How did your trial go?  Are you going ahead with implant?

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