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Still in pain



  • I will be praying for you before, during, and after your surgery!!! Did your surgeon say why he/she dint want to do the other discs now?(I'm assuming they need to be corrected as well.) Right down EVERY question/concern you have and call your surgeon or heck ask when you get to the hospital for your surgery. Please as soon as you can please post and let us know how your surgery went. Just remember if you need to talk we are all here for you!!! >:D<
  • ACDF with cages, plates, and screws using my own bone. Saw my NS and he wouldn't prescribe me any meds he said Tylenol should be enough =)) .

    I have been on meds for going on 9 months even if I were pain free there's no way I could just go cold turkey image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> .

    Atleast, I can say that I can feel my fingers and hand left side again but as for the pain still there and not to mention the recent onset excruciating headaches at the base of my skull. Start PT tomorrow NS said this should help with the tension and spasms.

    As for the tylenol I had to call my primary doc and I explained to her what was going on and she prescribed me the meds and thought my NS was being completely oblivious to the fact that I've been on a huge regimen of meds for 9 months and needed to be weaned off them slowly. She said if the pain persists she will send me to a pain management doc.

    God Bless,
    missb :)
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  • Terri72 and jailisa,

    Hope you both are feeling better!?

    I know sleeping wasn't easy to do for me either at first... I had to wear the soft-collar 24/7 for six-weeks, wonder if the one of you not sleeping in your collar could be bothering you?

    Now, sleeping with the collar sucks - I slept real good after that damn collar came off! Sorry to hear you both are still in pain. 6/27 been a while, but 7/23 is not that long ago.

    I had cadaver bone, I have read/heard that the pain and discomfort for using your own bone sometimes is worse then the neck surgery itself, any truth to that?

    Well, I hope you both start feeling better, and real soon - This kind of pain and discomfort is very hard to live with!

    Even if your not really sleeping, hope you are doing a lot of resting... While I sleep pretty good now, unfortunately, I am stuck on going to bed very late, and than sleeping in during the morning. I got use to not falling asleep right away, and not wanting to bother my wife, so now I am a night owl, if I go to bed by 3AM thats early, and get up before 11AM/noon thats an early start to my day.

    I don't miss how it felt trying to get in and out of bed... I am a sleep on my stomach, or almost on my stomach, that isn't happening still, but having to sleep on my back was not working for me either right after surgery. I also am the type of person who really can't sleep in a chair or on a coach.


    Your doctor sounds like mine... Before being operated on, my ortho and pc had me on 2 darvacet every 4-hours... After surgery, my nuero said take one darvacet every 4 to 6 hours! Yeah, you just cut me open, moved stuff outta the way, shoved a tube down my throat, removed a disc, screwed into two vertebrae, and have a plate inside me, and you want me on less pain meds - LOL

    Honestly, it was enough, strange but true.

    I hope you all don't lose faith, stay possitive, I know it sounds easy to say, and corny, but it can only help, right?

    I'll be thinking about you all, and hope that soon enough the relief will be well worth it, we have dealt with enough, time we ALL felt normal AGAIN!
  • either. This concerns me because I hate to see him go thru this again. His surgeon seems to think it might not get worse for a long time.

    The other neuro wanted to fuse FOUR levels and told him to not expect to be pain free.

    He is pretty pain free now. He is off all meds. He walked over 2 miles this morning.

    Again, his biggest problem is the collar. We looked at a recliner, but he doesn't want to spend the money. He is used to sitting on a love seat --in his real life.

    Linda MI

  • I have been wanting to sleep without that awful collar, but I have kept the dang thing on. My doctor told me after surgery and yesterday(2 week post op visit) to only wear the collar when outside, in the car, or sleeping. So even when "resting" in the recliner(my new best friend) if I dose off without the collar on I only cat nap about 10 minutes here and there. At night with the collar on I am lucky if I get 2 hours sleep at a time. Thats even with taking myabe unisom or if I am hurting excedrin pm nothing works and I dont want a prescription sleep med cuz they make me feel so weird/hung over the next morning.
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  • i too just had an ACDF 6 weeks ago ( 5/6 and 6/7 herniations with free fragments) and am also still in pain, and the pain is the same as before and now i am wandering if i made a mistake, or if maybe if it is the facet joint instead? it was almost a year for me too when i finally had surgery, cause i tried everything else first.
    to make matters worse the Lortab that i have been taking for several months now all of a sudden gives me real bad headaches the next day and i feel headachy and light headed even for a few days later, has this happened to anybody?
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