Fibromyalgia rash Flare after surgery?

I had a cervical fusion on 5/1 and about 3 days post op, I broke out with a rash all over my body. On on my neck, it was definitely contact dermatitis because of the neck brace. But the rash all over my legs was different, and definitely reminded me of my fibro rashes. I don't really get them anymore since I learned my triggers and how to control it. But I was just curious if the stress of surgery has affected anybody else similarly. I am going to see an allergist just incase I have a latex allergy or something that they may have used during the surgery, but it's just odd because it didn't appear until so late.


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    Hi barbella!
    You  mentioned fusion surgery, which causes me to think you have some kind of hardware now placed in your body....?

    On this site, I have read of some people having allergic reactions to the hardware.

    Did you have any kind of allergy test prior to your fusion?

    Of course, I am not saying this is your how could anyone here know? :)
    But I thought it may be of interest to use search and read about others' experiences. 

    When you say say it is odd because your symptoms didn't appear until so you mean the three days post op?
    In my experience, allergies are a tricky thing.

    I have taken mediclations and within minutes my throat is closing up and my tongue is swelling.
    Other medications I have taken for months and no problem. Then my condition improves and I am taken off the medication.
    Few to several months later, condition reappears and I have order to begin again that same medication.
    I receive a brand new script and new meds and this time I am allergic, with what felt like every adverse affect in the book. Weird!
  • yes, @Savage the rash appeared 3 days after the operation. It was very concentrated in the areas where they placed those monitoring electrodes - I woke up with them still on my body the day after surgery (took them off myself). so we're thinking maybe I have a latex allergy. (Honestly, I was too tired to shower, and I didn't even think about asking for help with washing. Hindsight tho- I should've asked for some help!) I also volunteered for a study during my surgery - basically they placed biogenic under the surgical incision at the time of closure - supposed to increase healing time. HOWEVER, it was a double blind study, so I don't even know if I got it. Either way though - the rash has faded away to nothing now, so definitely not hard wear related or biogenic. My fibro flare is also back in control as well. I will visit an allergist and get some testing done soon. (Since my deductible is all paid up now, lol). I just wasn't sure if anyone else out there with fibro experienced any flares after the stress of surgery.
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