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seen my ortho surgeon today with my mri report just done lastweek ,,, he is claming all the pain I'm feeling is not the bulge at c2-c3 because its small and is not compressing any nerves ,, he clamis this can be all muscel spams ????????????????? so why am I feeling all of this pain I'm really loosing my trust with this doctor , he did an acdf on my c5-c6 4 monts ago .. I undertand no one here is a doctor I'm just looking for experience with what I am feeling arm pain arm weakness pain  on the right side of my neck  i cant turn mu head without pain or look up my heres my mri imperssions

c1 no stenosis

c2-c3 mild disc bulge with right ventral compression of thecal sac

c3-c4 no stenosis

c4-c5 mild annular disc bluge

c5-through 7 looks remarable


  • Have you tried using relaxers? Did they help? Perhaps you should get a 2nd opinion. 
  • Also, just curious, did you get PT after your ACDF?
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  •  Yes I was on soma  350   That would help a lot  but he no longer wants to give it to me  and yes I did physical therapy for five weeks  what I'm confused about is he saying there is no compression of any nerves but when I Google  thecal sac compression  it says that's where all your nerves are at   It's like a cushion for them or whatever so my MRI clearly says that  why is my ortho saying opposite I'm in the process of getting a second opinion but HMO sucks 
  •  Oh one more thing he commented on saying the only thing that stands out to him is my neck is really straight there is no natural curls yet my MRI says I have mild  Kyphosis??? Lolll  i'm so confused  
  • Curve not curl lol
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  • Im so sorry. After going through that
    surgery you are supposed to be feeling better.
    Are these pains new and different than from before your ACDF?
    I would definetly get another opinion. 
  • Yes these are all new symptoms  and I was feeling better until the past two months what  I'm confused about is why is my surgeon over looking this ? Has any had this issue 
  • mlsmmls MarylandPosts: 81
    I had c5-7 fusion in 2005 after I ruptured my c6-7 disc (and they​ said 5-6 was bulging so they did 2 levels while they were at it). The surgery restored function of my arm, and got rid of the horrific shooting pain down my neck, shoulder, and arm, and allowed the numbness in my fingers to subside. But I continued to have terrible pain in my neck and down my upper back (trapezius)--on the opposite side from the surgery and my bum arm from the ruptured disc. My post-surgery pain did not involve arm weakness, however, so maybe it's not the same situation as yours. But yes, muscular pain can be really horrible. Mine was jabbing, burning, and pressure pain. I had trigger points that were very painful and that referred pain down my back and up to my head, too.

    For me it was a combination of a specific type of myofascial release bodywork and, believe it or not, reading books about the mind-body connection that saved me after 2 years of terrible pain and wanting to be dead. More details are on my website about my journey through chronic pain (URL in signature line).

    But to answer your question, yes you can have muscular-related pain that​ is very bad after disc surgery--or at least I did. Unfortunately it wasn't​ until 9 months after my surgery that I discovered this. My Ortho and neurosurgeons kept telling me it was my long neck that was making recovery​ slow and that it'd be "just another month" and I'd feel better. Month after month they said that. I finally went to a physical medicine and rehabilitation doc who diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome.

    Anyway, I'd get a 2nd opinion, especially if you're having weakness. But also know that people can overcome both weakness and pain non-surgically or non-invasively (see books by Dr. John Sarno and Steven Ozanich, for example).

    Good luck to you!!
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