Lower back pain with incontinence

I'm a 31 year old with lower back pain it hurts to move my legs it hurts to sit down it hurts to stand up it hurts to lay lay down I'm losing it but with all of that comes incontinence abdominal pain it's semi numb but not all the way...... I'm lost is anyone else having these problems 


  • Definitely support olderthandirt.  See a doctor, today!  It could be back, it could be kidneys,  only a doctor seeing you one on one can tell.

    Then let us know whats up and we can support you on your recovery journey.
  • I've had extreme low back pain since a bulging disc & surgery. Also S1 nerve damage which can contribute to in-continence. Other urinary disorders too-frequent UTI's in my case. Have yourself checked. Incontinence can come from many sources.
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  • (Edit..Language) bro..i been having those problems ...but after a big car accident where i broke my spinal. I went under surgery 6 year later to correct most of the consequences, damage nerves were one of them.

    Check with  doctors, but spinal injury or your sciatic could be the cause.

    check here:
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